CloudBees CD/RO

Orchestrate Your Releases at Scale

Securely unite and advance DevOps teams, tools, and workflows across the enterprise.

Streamline Your Release Process

Automate deployments and orchestrate releases across your software development toolchain to provide complete end-to-end transparency.  The result is faster releases, improved collaboration, and a governed release process.

Reduced deployment times


Increased deployments


Reduced error rates

Discover your value with CloudBees CD/RO

Navigating tailored DevOps solutions for you.

Unlock your potential with CloudBees CD/RO: Tailored to your unique DevOps needs, this platform offers customized solutions for various roles. Navigate through its features to find the right fit for you and enhance your software delivery effectiveness.

  • Platform Engineering: Standardize DevOps practices

    Maintain a stable and secure platform

    Provide appropriate guardrails to ensure a consistent release process and prove governance with single-click audit reports. The result is developers can focus on coding, not operational tasks.

    Promote reusable best practices

    Empower developers with the reusable components they need to maximize productivity. Offers quick time to value with out-of-the-box templates, or create custom internal development platform (IDP).

    Manage DevOps complexity

    Standardize your DevOps practice by embracing tool choice while providing pre-defined operational guardrails. The result is an optimal developer experience.

    Create internal developer portals

    Empower developers with reusable self-service components to maximize productivity.

  • SRE: Improve reliability of software releases

    Create self-service templates

    Access self-service process automation templates for common DevOps tasks. Develop customized experiences through an internal developer platform as needed to standardize processes.

    Measure the impact of software efforts

    Traceability across all objects ensures not only that an event occurred, but also the context surrounding it. This allows SREs to learn from the incident, relate it to business priority, and communicate the impact.

    Manage tool sprawl

    Orchestrate your entire software delivery toolchain across any app, workflow, app, or location in a single location. Leverage the visibility gained to improve collaboration and stability of the platform.

  • IT Ops/Cloud COE: Provide consistency across the stack

    Establish repeatable workflows

    Replace brittle scripts and foster automation that is not only portable, consistent, and reusable but also incredibly efficient to implement and easy to scale.

    Visualize application status

    Maintain consistency, optimize resources, and reduce risks by understanding application status and location. Identify and manage dependencies across applications and services to reduce bottlenecks.

    Align software delivery to business outcomes

    Grasp the impact of software delivery efforts across the enterprise to prioritize investments to maximize business value. Quickly identify bottlenecks, manual/automated tasks allocation.

  • App Dev: Focus on delivering code

    Expedite onboarding

    Leverage reusable golden path templates to rapidly create new features. Just grab and go.

    GitOps-based workflows

    Replace brittle scripts to automate repeatable workflows and shorten feedback loops using advanced deployment strategies such as canary. Provide an alternative to a UI-driven experience through pull requests.

    Continue using your tools

    Our goal is to remove as much friction from the development process as possible. Thus, we enable autonomy in tool choice and ways of working. Just bring your code.

  • Auditors/Security: Govern your release process

    Ensure only secure code reaches production

    Seamlessly integrate security scanners to provide quality checks into your release process to ensure only authorized code reaches production. Enable automated rollbacks as required.

    Limit the blast radius with object-level permissions

    Promote flexibility in how you enable access down to the individual pipeline object. This ensures all actions are captured down to the individual in audit reports.

    Generate single-click audit reports

    Automate evidence collection across all executed tasks to prove processes were performed as expected. Allows audit reports to be generated instantly in a consistent format for quick remediation.

“CloudBees has enabled us to implement quality gates (through automation) as a part of our pipeline which will allow us to measure software quality, objectively using a metric-driven approach.”
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Parina Madaan

Senior Manager, Quality Engineering

Trusted by Leading Companies To Deploy Code With Confidence.

"With CloudBees, we can deploy releases 80% faster, and we can invest that time in other projects."

Juan Felipe Cardona, Director, Solution Architecture Team at TODO1

“We now have a clear view of the entire process - one that is secure, repeatable and predictable.”

Dr. Julius von Rosen, DevOps Evangelist at DZ Bank AG

"Before CloudBees CD/RO, we issued updates once or twice a year. Quarterly releases are now the norm…We’re releasing quality and quantity.”

Ashish Agarwal, Senior Manager Global IT at AGCO

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Key Capabilities for CloudBees CD/RO

Deployment automation

Replace brittle scripts to enable predictable, repeatable, automated deployments through model driven deployments.

Release orchestration

Coordinate across all tools, environments, and applications to streamline your software delivery process management.

Analytics and insights

Access centralized insights to improve release effectiveness and align software delivery with business outcomes.

Continuous governance

Automate evidence collection with traceability across all objects. Enables teams to always know the exact status of a release and can generate audit reports on demand.

Smart quality gates

Ensure only authorized code reaches production using entry/exit gates and automated rollbacks.

Dependency management

Top-down visibility into the dependency hierarchy across all releases to quickly provide status, progress, and identify bottlenecks.

Gitops-based workflows

Manage everything as code: pipelines, policies, configurations, and more as an alternative to a UI-driven experience.

Self-service templates

Expedite onboarding of new teams and applications with reusable best practices. Allows customers to build internal developer portals.


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