CloudBees Core for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

Native to Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS)

For organizations modernizing their application architecture with Kubernetes and containerization, CloudBees Core is a proven, fully-featured, cloud native continuous delivery (CD) solution. Built on Jenkins, it provides a shared, centrally managed CD solution to onboard teams and projects in a true, self-service model. CloudBees Core leverages deep integrations with Kubernetes, simplifying management for tools administrators and adding a layer of security and compliance.

CloudBees Core Fully Integrates with Amazon EKS

CloudBees Core Fully Integrates with Amazon EKS

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Key Benefits Include

Scalable and resilient

Access an unlimited number of Jenkins masters and agents to match your workload. Critical CI/CD pipelines are resilient to failure and available when most needed.

Self-service CD

Quickly onboard teams and provision masters with a few clicks. Install and manage CloudBees Core directly through Amazon EKS to continuously deliver at enterprise scale.

Control of pipelines and jobs

Utilize a very sophisticated authorization strategy to reduce risks to software delivery by ensuring credentials and resources are not misused.

CD for all your applications

One CI/CD solution for all your applications - not just modern ones! Develop and deploy apps regardless of whether they are cloud native or legacy.

Key Features Include

Leverage Kubernetes and Docker

Autoscale up and down, on-demand, with elasticity at the cluster level. Health checks identify failing pods and spin up replacements as needed.

Simplified management

Clean, elegant, intuitive user experience and centralized management of managed masters. Direct integration with Amazon EKS.

Security and compliance

CloudBees Role-Based Access Control plus additional security features enable permissions to be defined by user, team, agents, folders and jobs.

Supports modern and legacy applications

Modern apps can run on cloud native architecture for scalability and elasticity. Legacy apps also benefit by utilizing the power of Kubernetes for CI/CD workloads.


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