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Morningstar Powers Market Momentum with CloudBees Platform

Learn how our customers are leveraging the CloudBees platform to accelerate software delivery.

Featured Customer Stories

Shining a Spotlight on CloudBees Customers Who Build Stuff That Matters.

Autodesk Builds Better Software Faster with CloudBees

Autodesk sparked a CI/CD transformation using CloudBees CI to establish secure, automated Jenkins pipelines.

DZ Bank Strengthens Competitive Position and Enables Developers to Deliver Faster with CloudBees

Dr. Julius von Rosen, DevOps Evangelist at DZ Bank AG, discusses how the company is enabling developers to automatically deploy to a production-like environment in their test universe faster.

American Express Global Business Travel Gains Competitive Advantage with CI/CD

American Express Global Business Travel won the 2019 CloudBees Innovation Award for CI/CD Automation Excellence based on its DevOps transformation.

Nationwide Building Society Accelerates and Scales Software Delivery in a Highly-Regulated Industry

Angell explains how he and his team are using CloudBees CI to automate the software delivery process, bring consistency across teams and empower engineers to spend more time developing software and less time maintaining their environment.

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Twenty-one thousand engineering hours saved


Ten times productivity increase


One thousand, one hundred percent upgrade frequency

Featured Customer Stories

Chris Whyde
“Speed is everything and to stay competitive you have to be able to keep up. And if you don't have robust CI/CD pipelines and partners like CloudBees it will become increasingly difficult to keep up.”
Chris Whyde

Vice President, Global Technology

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“...the most comprehensive & powerful CI offering on the market.”


“We love CloudBees Feature Management. We wouldn't have reached continuous deployment without it.”


"Best choice for scaling deployments and managing version orchestration.”

-Will L., DevOps Engineer


Tips from a Successful DevOps Journey at Capital One: Start, Fail Fast, Repeat

Chafin Bryant, senior engineering manager at Capital One, discusses best practices that have worked for his team in their continuously changing DevOps journey.

The Definitive Guide to Modern Software Delivery

Enterprises face unique challenges when trying to implement modern software delivery practices due to the scale and complexity of their tools and teams. Learn how to achieve a unified view of the SDLC t enables the entire software organization to work together to remove obstacles and achieve business goals.