DevSecOps for Government

DevSecOps for Government

Government Agencies Focused on Defense, National Security and Citizen Services Deliver Trustworthy Software with CloudBees

Why is DevSecOps the Best Approach for Government Agencies?

Learn how the U.S. Air Force used communication and visibility to break down silos, enable software factories and implement continuous Authority to Operate (c-ATO).
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Development, security and operations teams all strive for the same end result: software that is always worthy of release, stable and compliant in production. Achieving an Authority to Operate (ATO) for a new system, however, can take up to 18 months and is often a costly undertaking. On top of this, it usually has to  be repeated every three years or so.  This applies universally across all government agencies. The Risk Management Framework developed by NIST suggests an alternative approach -- continuous reauthorization -- based on understanding the security posture of a system at all times and its worthiness to go live. DevSecOps facilitates continuous reauthorization by automating the required security steps throughout the software development lifecycle and continuously providing security teams with the insight to judge whether the system is worthy of deployment.

Nicolas Chaillan
“The Department of Defense has made software delivery a top priority. DevSecOps vendors, such as CloudBees, getting authorized to DoD standards support the mission of the Department of Defense enterprise DevSecOps initiative.”
U.S. Air Force
Nicolas Chaillan

Chief Software Officer

Deliver Secure Software Faster

DevSecOps accelerates software delivery because security checks are automatically completed and defects are corrected continuously, ensuring software is secure in development, secure in delivery and secure in production.  Read the 9 Ways DevOps and Automation Bolster Security and Compliance ebook to learn more.

Ensure Compliance While Accelerating Deployments

A consistent and transparent audit trail, showing how an application or system was built over time, gives clear evidence of security and regulatory compliance. Learn how CloudBees helped a government partner increase compliance while fixing bugs more quickly and speeding deployments.

Faster, Continuous Authorization for Government Systems

DevSecOps allows government security teams to trust the software delivery pipelines -- and thus more easily grant ATO -- because they know whether the output of those pipelines comply with organizational policy.  Learn more about How DevSecOps Helps the Federal Government Achieve Continuous ATO.

How CloudBees Helps the Federal Government Deliver Secure Software More Quickly

Federal government agencies facing time-to-mission pressures are trying to automate pipelines to accelerate the building of new applications and add urgently needed functionality to existing applications. But they’re constrained by Information Assurance guidelines requiring CI tools to pass advanced security certifications.

CloudBees has the only DevSecOps solution that integrates with your entire toolchain to secure the code in development, secure the delivery of the code and keep the code secure in production. Regardless of which tools you choose, we make sure they run as tightly integrated, elegantly orchestrated pipelines.

With CloudBees, you can orchestrate testing during development, templatize development and release pipelines to abide by security policies, apply gates and thresholds at every stage, and flush out defects as they arise. You can even instantly mitigate defective code in production without having to redeploy at all.

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The Role of FSIs in DevSecOps

Federal Systems Integrators (FSIs) who have embraced modern software delivery practices are helping DevSecOps become “real” for agencies instead of just a buzzword. FSIs can now deliver an array of capabilities faster and more securely by eliminating wasteful manual effort, easily enforcing organizational policy, and accelerating the path to production.  At CloudBees, our federal government business model is 100 percent partner-centric. We believe that investing fully in partners is the best way for our technology to benefit the maximum number of government customers. In turn, we rely on partners to deliver a superlative CloudBees experience to the end customer. Learn how we become a profit center to our FSI partners by making them faster, more productive, and more attractive to government customers.  

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