CloudBees for Software Companies

CloudBees for Software Companies

Innovate quickly, continuously delighting customers

57% of computer software and IT companies are in the Fortune 100


#11 on G2’s list of Best Enterprise Products of 2021


10x productivity increase at Autodesk

These companies rely on CloudBees:

CloudBees Enables Leading Software Companies to:

Innovate Quickly

Deliver superior customer experiences, adding new features frequently

Be Trustworthy

Secure software customers can trust

Leverage Modern Technology

Adopt modern hybrid infrastructure and scale easily

Embrace Best-of-Breed Tools

Arm your developers with their preferred tools

Enforce Compliance and Security Throughout

Automatic and manual gates ensure that insecure or non-compliant software does not move downstream

Empower Developers, While Maintaining Guardrails

Use feature flags to help development teams make releases safer and faster, without having to sacrifice innovation

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CloudBees Software Delivery Platform

Continuous Integration

Integrate and automate the build, test, and packaging of code to artifacts.

Continuous Delivery

Eliminate scripts and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

Release Orchestration

Model, orchestrate and visualize complex application releases and deployment models. Utilize built-in audit trails and manage deployment outcomes.

Engineering Efficiency

Track and measure engineering productivity data to optimize software delivery speed, predictability, quality and cost.

Feature flags and management

Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

Value Stream Management

Visualize value flow and access key DevOps analytics.

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Salesforce Migrates DevOps to the Cloud with CloudBees CI

Salesforce empowers software developers to create high-quality, secure enterprise apps on its platform

Mastering Development and Delivery in the Software Industry

This collection of success stories from global software leaders demonstrates that digital transformation at scale is possible with the help of CloudBees.

Ahmed Hosni
"We have gone from a three-week release cycle to a one-week release cycle...CloudBees has empowered my team to do more...CloudBees has made our CI/CD workflow smoother and faster...Now, we can move as fast as our imagination."
Ahmed Hosni

Lead Software Engineer

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