Feature Management

Release, control and measure features at scale

Bring more innovation to market faster with less risk using CloudBees Feature Management, an enterprise feature flag management solution integrated across CloudBees Software Delivery Automation.

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Advanced User Testing

Gain valuable, highly targeted feedback about how real customers use new features by rolling them out to users based on any criteria in your database, such as company, geography or version.

Flexible Progressive Delivery

Dynamically release features on your terms using an automated percentage rollout or any version split that you want, gathering feedback from users along the way

Developer-Friendly Workflows

Bi-directional configuration as code with Github allows developers to edit flags in their preferred environments without using a dashboard.

Key Resources

Forrester Research: Feature Management and Experimentation

Five Keys to Enterprise Progressive Delivery eBook

Feature flags across CI/CD Whitepaper

Pricing Details


Zero cost forever for individual users, up to 2,000 monthly active users


Monthly and annual plans based on monthly active users


25+ Users + SSO/SAML - Platinum Support

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