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Digital transformation is as much about the right skills as it is about the right tools and processes. CloudBees University (CBU), in partnership with DevOps Institute (DOI), is a subscription-based training and certification program that provides the skills needed to implement and scale DevOps in your organization successfully. CBU augments our traditional on-site classroom-based training.

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DevOps Training Your Way

CBU courses are delivered on-site or via an online, self-paced learning management system (LMS), available 24/7/365. Students choose their own learning paths, whether user or administrator, from an array of courses and topics.

Regional Continuous Learning Workshops

CloudBees is also expanding our investment in DevOps training and education by partnering with some of the best minds in the industry to offer DevOps workshops for business and technology leaders. Contact our Corporate Training team to schedule a workshop in your town.

A Growing Catalog

Current courses cover Fundamentals, Implementation, and Administration. The CBU catalog will continue to grow to help our customers achieve their digital transformation goals with each new product release and as new DevOps topics arise.

DevOps Foundations

We’ve included a series of foundational courses in DevOps, DevOps leadership, and DevSecOps for anyone who wants to prepare themselves for digital transformation.


Badges and Certifications

CBU provides multiple levels of certification and badging. Students will progress through their learning path through a series of certification quizzes at the end of each module. Certifications build towards professional-level skills in Release Orchestration, Deployment Automation Engineer, Agile Master, and more. Badges extend those certifications by going deeper into specific areas of functionality.

Workshops Currently Available:

Leading the Transformation

Looking to learn more about DevOps, and discover the best ways to introduce DevOps principles to your own organization? Join Gary Gruver as he explains how executives should prepare themselves and their organizations for a DevOps transformation.

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Experiential DevOps

Want to help people to ‘rise above’ their day-to-day jobs to understand your vision for change? Simulation is the answer! Join DevOps Institute and G2G3 for “Experiential DevOps,” a non-certification workshop that weaves DOI’s content with G2G3’s DevOps Simulation into a fantastic learning event.

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You Build It, You Secure It

In application delivery, Security is often treated as an afterthought and a bottleneck. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join John Willis for a hands-on workshop where you’ll discover practices and tooling that enable you to inject security earlier in your releases pipelines!

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From Incident Response to Modern Incident Management

If your incident management cycle feels more like a never-ending fire-fighting exercise, this workshop is for you. Join J. Paul Reed for a deep dive into how to model operational incidents, conduct actionable retrospectives with their teams, discern more valuable remediation items, and truly put incidents to rest.

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