CloudBees Certification Program

Test knowledge at each stage of your learning path to achieve higher implementation quality and performance

CloudBees Certified

Start with a solid foundation

For each CloudBees capability, start with a solid understanding how what it can do and what problems it can solve. Our Essentials exams are designed for all roles.

Earn an Associate level role-based certification

Next, start your hands-on, guided experience with each capability with our self-paced or instructor-led curriculum. Then build on that confidence by earning your Associate level certification.

Earn badges on your way to Professional level role-based certification

After verifying foundational knowledge, earn badges for topics related to your specific role on the way to a Professional level certification that validates your experience completing role-specific projects using best practices.


Designed for all roles within an organization. After passing this certification exam, the test taker should be able to speak intelligently about the product but has not been tested on implementation or problem solving. Builds a foundation for the additional certification levels.


Designed for all roles as well as additional questions for specific roles. This certification exam validates that the test taker has basic usage knowledge and experience. A minimum of 6-months hands-on experience is highly recommended.


Designed to test specific roles such as administrators and DevOps engineers. After passing this certification exam, the test taker should be able to perform projects for their specific role. A minimum of 9-months hands-on experience is highly recommended.


Designed for implementation engineers and CloudBees partners. Tests for the ability to complete expert level projects. A minimum of 12-months hands-on experience is highly recommended. (Available 2023)

CloudBees Curriculum

Earn badges and study for your certification exams using our self-paced and instructor-led courses.

CloudBees CI & Jenkins

Start with the basics of continuous integration, learn best practices for building Pipelines, and gain experience with administrative tasks such as security, audit and compliance, and managing at scale.

CloudBees CD/RO

Explore what CloudBees CD/RO can do for you while gaining hands-on experience with release orchestration, deployment automation, automating with DSL, building custom reports, and much more.

CloudBees Build Acceleration

Learn how to reduce software build times with CloudBees Build Acceleration. The training curriculum is divided into courseware for an Administrator or a Build Engineer.

CloudBees Feature Management

Begin with foundational knowledge related to feature flags and then get hands-on experience with flexible progressive delivery with CloudBees Feature Management.

Meet Our Instructors

CloudBees instructors collaborate with our engineering and technical field teams. Sign up for instructor-led training or register for self-paced training to learn from these experts.

John Cannon

Certification Program Manager

An ICE Certified Credentialing Professional and PMP, John brings nearly a decade of experience designing, building, and maintaining certification and credentialing programs. With a BS in Education from Penn State University, he also has extensive experience as an instructor and training developer. John was formerly an aviator in the United States Army and recently retired from the Army National Guard at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3.

Carrie Bartels | Sr. Curriculum Developer/Technical Instructor

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Carrie joined CloudBees in October 2021. After earning B.M. (piano performance) and M.L.S degrees, her career path led her to the IT industry where she has many years of experience in IT training and curriculum development, certification program management, and consulting.

Gail Pearson

Manager, Technical Content Development

Gail Pearson has been a technical trainer, writer, editor and content developer in the software industry for 25+ years, with expertise in enterprise software and Agile methodologies. She has a background in education and enjoys communicating with a global audience.

Kevin Coyle

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Kevin has been involved in IT since Internet Flag Day, as a developer, system architect, network architect, and instructor. For the past twenty years he has been educating customers, colleagues, and graduate students in software development, networking, and security. As well as teaching and developing courses at CloudBees, Kevin teaches computer science at Harvard.

Ping-Yuan Wang

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Ping-Yuan develops CloudBees CI courses and delivers instructor-led training. She leverages her interdisciplinary experience in higher education, software localization, and the gaming industry to support the continuous learning of CloudBees users.

Randal Root

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Randal is a senior educator and consultant specializing in IT solutions and technical education. He has worked in the industry since the 1980s, with experience in network, database, and application development. He teaches business intelligence, databases, and programming at the University of Washington, and is now enjoying his role developing curriculum and training for CloudBees University.

CloudBees Training and Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to CloudBees self-paced and instructor-led training as well as CloudBees Certification

Other Enablement Resources

Use our knowledge hive to master Software Delivery Automation. Find all the information you need - from versioned docs to release notes to API references.


Use our knowledge hive to master software delivery.

CloudBees Support

Use the collective wisdom of CloudBees engineers and expert Jenkins users to troubleshoot your efforts.