Training and Certification FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions related to CloudBees self-paced and instructor-led training as well as CloudBees Certification.

  • How to register and prepare for Jenkins Certification exams

    You should take a look at our Certification Guide. This guide walks you through the key need-to-know about Jenkins Certifications:

    • What is Certification for Jenkins?

    • What Is New in the 2020 Exams?

    • Contents of the Certification Exams

    • Preparing for the Exam

    • Register for the Exam

    • Taking the Exam

    • After the Exam

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Sample Questions

    Preparation and many Jenkins courses are also available as self paced through CloudBees University or as instructor-led courses which you can register for here. The instructor-led 2-day course titled CloudBees Jenkins Platform Certification Training can be taken in a classroom or online and costs $1,995 USD at the time of this writing.

    Certification courses may also be offered during the annual DevOps|Jenkins World event.

  • I have a voucher for an exam, where or how do I apply it?

    While registering for the exam, you will follow the check-out process. Upon beginning check out, you will be able to enter a Coupon/Voucher code for the exam.

  • Can I take my exam online?

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kryterion testing centers around the world have decided to close temporarily. To help during these difficult times, CloudBees University has made the CJE and CCJE certification exams available to take online.

    You can register for these at

    Make sure you can meet the Online Testing Requirements

  • When should I receive my certificate after passing my exam?

    Within 10 business days you will receive an email containing a link to your certificate and digital badge.
    Your certificate will include:

    • A unique URL to be shared on social networks

    • Automated insertion in your Linkedin profile

    • A downloadable PDF certificate

  • I did not pass my exam! Can you share why I didn’t pass?

    We are very sorry to hear you did not pass. Unfortunately we cannot disclose detailed questions and responses as this could be used to weaken the integrity of the exam. Please review the study guides and try again.
    If technical issues were encountered during the exam, please reach out to Contacting Webassessor (Kryterion) Support.

  • If I used a voucher code for my exam. Can I use the same voucher if I cancel the exam and re-schedule?

    Yes, you can use the same voucher code. It only becomes invalid if it expires or when you launch the exam.

  • I received a voucher from DevOps World 2020. Does the voucher expire? If so, what is the expiry date?

    Yes, vouchers are good until 2/28/2021.

  • Managing Certifications (cancellations, date changes, etc)

    Customers can self-manage their certification exams including registrations, date changes, location changes, cancelations. Direct them to login to -> My Assessments.

  • How do I launch a self-paced exam?

    1) Login to

    2) If you have a valid login you should see the following page

    3) At the top, click on “My Assessments”

    CloudBees University - 2021-07 Refresh - FAQ - How do I launch a self-paced exam?

    4) From this page, students can Launch in progress exams or scheduled exams when they wish.

    Students should contact Kryterion (Webassessor) help with any technical issues immediately encountered during an exam. If they wait until completing the exam, they may not be allowed to retake the exam.
    Webassessor technical help can be found at:
    OLP Support Information (Tester Facing)
    Live Chat:
    1-877-313-2008 (U.S.) or +001-602-659-4679 (International)

  • I am receiving errors while trying to use on a mobile device?

    Currently the Webassesor registration sites are not mobile friendly. It is on the roadmap to make these work for mobile devices. Until then, please use a “Desktop browser” to register and manage your exams.

  • I’m receiving an error or having a problem with the Webassessor site

    Please contact Kryterion support.

  • How do I verify a Certificate from the CloudBees Certified Jenkins Engineer (CCJE) or Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) exams?

    You can verify certificate numbers or URL’s here on Accredible’s website.

  • Link to my Certificate from the CloudBees Certified Jenkins Engineer (CCJE) or Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) exams goes to 404 page. How do I get to my certificate?

    If your link looks like, the problem is most likely the /sso?code=4722 part of the path, please try removing it. You can also get your certificate ID from the URL (the abcdefgh part) and use it on the site mentioned in the previous question.

  • How do I generate a PDF Invoice for an exam purchase?

    1. Log in to Webassessor at

    2. Navigate on the top menu to “Receipts”

    1. Choose the exam you want the receipt for and click the “Receipt” button

    2. Fill in your appropriate billing information for display in the invoice and click “Receipt”

    1. You will now be able to download as PDF or capture a screen shot for your records.

  • I have a laptop and I received an email saying I need an external webcam. Do I need an external webcam to take the proctored exam?

    We accept any camera for our proctored exam, so your built-in laptop camera should work for the exam.

  • When I registered for the exam, I am asked to provide to provide a Test Taker Authorization Code but I’ve not received it.

    If you’re applying for the online proctored exam you may not receive any Test Taker Authorization Code as it is not required for the online exam modality.

  • How do I change the name on my CloudBees University course completion certificate?

    You can self-manage your display name by navigating to your profile on the top-right of the screen, click your profile icon, then choose “Edit Personal Info”

    You can edit your display name here and choose save. Once complete, you must log out and log back in for the change to be reflected in the system.

  • I enrolled in a training course. Where can I find my invoice?

    • An invoice is auto-generated and sent to your mailbox when you registered for the course. Please double check your spam folder if you couldn’t find it.

    • If you want your company name added to the invoice, please create a support request and provide the company name. We will send you an email when the new invoice is ready.

  • Help, my self-paced Virtual Box/Vagrant environment is not working!

    Most troubleshooting tips can be found within your class’s lab troubleshooting guide. Check for the section of your course called “Install Lab Environment”

    and then browse to “Troubleshooting”

    While CloudBees produces self-paced lab environments that can be hosted locally for students, CloudBees supports these for non-CloudBees customers as “Best effort” support, meaning we will provide initial triage and support to replicate problems encountered. However if the issue is environmental or not widespread, CloudBees may not be able to immediately resolve. Most labs can be followed along with hosting your own local environment as well by downloading Jenkins from

    For CloudBees customers - please ensure you are filing a support request to using your corporate email address.

  • When following the “Install Lab Environment” instructions for a training course, nothing happens when you run the command vagrant up. The command line exits without any output or error, or just hangs.

    For Windows users:

    If this does not resolve your issue, please reach out to for additional support. Note: Support for the self-paced lab environments is offered at best effort for non-CloudBees customers.