Continuous Integration for Jenkins® in the Enterprise

Turn Jenkins into a resilient, scalable, governed CI platform built for enterprise needs.

Businesses With Massive Scale and Complex Regulatory and Security Needs Have Requirements Beyond What Jenkins Alone Can Provide for a Continuous Integration Platform

Simplify your Jenkins Experience

Give teams workload isolation while administrators can easily view and manage all teams from the Operations Center.

High Availability and Horizontal Scalability

Reduce or eliminate downtime for continuous pipeline operation, even in the face of unexpected failures or infrastructure maintenance. Transform overloaded monolithic controllers into reliable, stable controllers by enabling workload sharing among replicas.
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Confidently Manage Plugins

Choose your plugins to integrate with your favorite tools but leave the management to us. The CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) verifies plugins and ensures they are easily installed and upgraded. And with the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant, your teams can enable automatic upgrades of verified plugins so they can maintain momentum in their work with confidence in the plugins they depend on.

Secure Your Workflows

Start with a secure version of Jenkins - tested, stable and supported by the CloudBees team. Along with the curated set of plugins verified for compatibility with the Jenkins build, elevated permissions for controller access, and enforcement of company standards through templating pipelines and controller configuration as code, your workflow is secure and repeatable to keep your CI process running smoothly and safely.
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Deliver Jenkins at Scale

From one view, centrally manage credentials for all controllers and provide organizational structure to teams that allow for sharing of templated pipelines and controller configurations, curated plugins, and agents (real and ephemeral). Bring consistency and governance on all workflows for rapid onboarding and team growth for a continuous delivery platform.
CI Deliver Jenkins at Scale

Discover How CloudBees CI is a Game Changer for Continuous Integration for the Enterprise

1000’s of Build Hours Saved Per Month
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90%+ Annual Time Reduced in Jenkins Maintenance
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10X Productivity Increased
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Massive ROI with Jenkins®
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Manage and Scale Jenkins® for the Enterprise
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See What CloudBees CI Can Do For You

  • Deployment Flexibility

    Deploy on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two.

  • Scalability in Infrastructure

    Leverage High Availability Mode to enable horizontal scalability to load balance workloads for stable and performant controllers and elastically scale up or back as workload changes.

  • Resiliency

    Remove single point of failure in your CI cluster with High Availability mode.

  • Contextual Pipeline Feedback

    Receive and act upon build and reporting data directly in the tools developers already know and love, like Slack and GitHub.

  • CI as Code

    Enable teams to manage CI processes just as they treat code checked into their SCM.

  • Faster Builds

    Build smarter with Workspace Caching

  • Rapid Onboarding

    Manage controllers at scale with reproducible configuration and apply configurations to any controller from a single location.

  • Enterprise Team Management and Authorization

    Grant granular security permissions and authorizations to teams and users while centrally managing credentials for all controllers.

  • Pipeline Modernization

    The Declarative Pipeline Matrix syntax and Pipeline Migration Assistant allow users to easily create Declarative Pipelines or migrate existing freestyle jobs to Declarative Pipelines.

  • Debug Pipelines at Scale

    The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer plugin offers a streamlined approach to troubleshoot pipelines and view logs.

  • Fed-ready Secure CI

    Meet the most demanding security certifications with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) specifications.

  • Repeat Best Practices

    Pipeline Templates Catalog helps ensure that Pipeline builds conform to organizational standards, while Custom Marker Files allow for instant build template selection based on SCM identifiers.

  • Optimize Resources

    Save cost by "turning off" idle or unused controllers with the managed controller hibernation feature.

  • Baseline your Repo

    Prevent buildstorms with a build strategy that prevents such storms by establishing a repository baseline without causing any builds.

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