DevOps In Financial Services

DevOps In Financial Services

Software delivery that is governed, fast, auditable and optimized

These financial leaders rely on CloudBees:

What Issues Does DevOps Address?

Financial services organizations deal with heavy regulations, audit requests and compliance issues daily, while trying to stave off disruption from new digital-first players. And that was before COVID-19 hit. DevOps practices enable financial services organizations to address these challenges to manage risk, compliance and governance across their organization while innovating and delivering a continual stream of compelling customer experiences.

DevOps integrates security tools and enforces policies throughout the software delivery lifecycle so software is provably secure in development, secure in delivery and secure in production. Applying DevOps principles and best practices in financial services ensures software delivery is resilient, repeatable and auditable. This results in faster delivery, faster deployment and faster audit response.

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CloudBees Solutions Facilitate:

Built-in Governance and Security

Automatic auditing of every action and built-in role-based access controls simplifies governance and enforces security and compliance. Pipeline delivers high-quality, secure and audited code into production

Limitless Scalability and Availability

Unlimited and impenetrable clustering architecture and efficient processing guarantees high availability and low-latency for thousands of concurrent deployments

A Self-Service Catalog for Developers

Take the mundane and no-value tasks out of the hands of developers with one-click access to a library of common, approved and immutable reusable application and pipeline components

Total Release Visualization

Collect, centrally manage and visualize information about releases from multiple teams across shared environments to identify resource and scheduling conflicts

Seven Tips for Creating Audit-Ready Pipelines

Anyone who’s worked in a development environment has probably heard a colleague mutter the following phrase: “Better not tell the auditors about that.” Exchanges like this depict the tensions that build up between DevOps and security functions in an organization. 

In financial services organizations these two teams have had to make their peace because they must adhere to strict compliance requirements. Learn how CloudBees helps them speed innovation, while creating audit-ready pipelines

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How CloudBees Supports You

For Releases Managers

CloudBees provides shared visibility and control over multiple applications and their dependencies across multiple complex multi-tiered applications, release pipelines and environments

For Security Teams

Leveraging a single platform architecture, and integrating with CI and feature flag tools, CloudBees can orchestrate software testing and automated approval gates, enforce the use of immutable objects from a common repository and utilize an Enterprise kill switch to instantly mitigate production issues.

For Audit and Risk Managers

Auditing becomes a non-event. Fully automated audit-ready pipelines, with built-in approval gates, ensure the code has passed all security requirements, the pipelines themselves are secure and they can instantly and gracefully respond to vulnerabilities or errors in Production. The entire process is governed by centralized RBAC on all artifacts. One-click, automated audit reports of trustable data are available at any time.

For Change Management

CloudBees integrates with common ITSM and other ticketing systems to:

  • Categorize changes by risk

  • Automate information flow and processes

  • Remove humans from the creation, update and approval of change tickets

  • Auto-approve low risk changes, if there are no dependencies

Learn from our experts on how CloudBees can help you:

  • Optimize software delivery velocity

  • Take the stress out of releases

  • Speed up audit responses

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