Value Stream Management

Continuously Improve your Software Delivery Effectiveness

Continuously improve your software delivery effectiveness with higher-order visibility, management, and intelligence. Bring business vision and customer experience to life faster. Continuously improve product delivery by instrumenting, measuring, and continuously improving your end-to-end value stream flow.

Continuously Improve the Value You Deliver.

Teams move forward fast by understanding the past.CloudBees is bringing developers, operations, product, and business teams together to optimize the overall health of product delivery and the customer experiences they deliver.

See the big picture

Orchestrate across pipelines, apps, tools, and teams to contextualize everything.

Manage end-to-end

Trace outcomes from idea to production with comprehensive governance along the way.

Maximize the flow

Measure and improve the end-to-end application value stream flow.

Intelligence and Analytics

  • Build release dependencies with decoupled teams, applications, and features

  • Most used, successful, and problematic app or environments

  • Deployment throughput, success rates, and durations over time

  • Time, application, or environment, or team performance

  • Measure progress in real-time or over a series of time

  • Release portfolio status compared to other releases (live and real-time)


Techstrong Group

“CloudBees platform earned the Best Value Stream Management Tool award for being a platform that allows users to instrument and measure their end-to-end application value stream flow and address issues as they arise with live data.”

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