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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training courses are delivered either in-person or virtually. Each course includes instruction time, hands-on lab exercises, and access to our cloud-based lab environment.

Instructor-Led Training

CloudBees University offers both Instructor-Led Training and Virtual Instructor-Led Training by knowledgeable subject matter experts in CloudBees Platform as well as the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery spaces.

Courses are delivered remotely by video conference and are of varying lengths. The duration marked on each course includes instruction time, hands on lab work, and incorporates some breaks throughout the day.

CloudBees Instructor Led Training is offered across the following courses:


CloudBees CI


CloudBees CI: Basics
Basic usage of CloudBees CI for all users and administrators. Includes hands-on lab exercises and instructor demos to get you or your team started with CloudBees CI. This knowledge is foundational to additional training courses.

Jenkins Level 1: Administration
Covers the basics of Jenkins administration geared towards those administering, setting up, and configuring Jenkins.

Jenkins Pipelines
The first day of this course covers introductions to pipeline concepts for Jenkins as well as CloudBees CI and is useful for both administrators and users of the platform. On the second day, it moves on to more advanced topics such as shared libraries, using Docker within a pipeline, and more.

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CloudBees CD/RO

CloudBees CD/RO: Basics
This course builds on the knowledge learned in the CloudBees CD/RO: Essentials self-paced course. This course is introductory and is designed with entry-level, hands-on labs designed to give trainees practical exposure to core features. This knowledge is foundational to all additional training courses.

CloudBees CD/RO Level 1: Release Orchestration
Education focused on Release Managers and others who will be using the Release functionality, and the foundation course for those that will be implementing the Release automation.

CloudBees CD/RO Level 2: Release Orchestration
This course is for those who will be implementing the Release automation and has a prerequisite of Level 1 Release Orchestration; this course will go deeper into the functionality and features that will assist the implementation team to create the Release Orchestration automation.

CloudBees CD/RO Level 1: Deployment Automation
Provides an introduction to the Deployment functionality for those who will be using the Deployment Automation, such as Developers, Dev and QA Managers, and so on. This course will teach users how to navigate and use the Deployment Automation.

CloudBees CD/RO Level 2: Deployment Automation
Designed for those who will be implementing the Deployment Automation will need to take this course to learn the features and functionality to create the automation. This course has a prerequisite of Level 1 Deployment Automation.

CloudBees CD/RO Level 1: Administration
Focused on processes and knowledge for those who will be installing and maintaining the CloudBees CD/RO installation.

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CloudBees Training and Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to CloudBees self-paced and instructor-led training as well as CloudBees Certification