GROUPE ADEO Accelerates Application Development in the Cloud with CloudBees Java Platform as a Service

New E-Commerce Application to Provide Global Standardization and Flexibility Across 24 Companies in 11 Countries

WOBURN, MA. - November 15, 2011 - CloudBees, Inc. , the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced that GROUPE ADEO, the fourth largest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) retailer in the world, has selected the CloudBees Platform as a Service to develop a new, global e-commerce application for GROUPE ADEO's twenty-four business units. The new application will enable the company to provide a level of standardization globally, as well as offer flexibility for GROUPE ADEO to extend the application with new concepts and features.

"We needed a new agile development platform that allowed us to both easily create and seamlessly update our new e-commerce application. We saw the cloud as an accelerator to our development efforts," said Cyril Lakech, development team member, GROUPE ADEO. "With the CloudBees platform, we can combine the continuous integration benefits of Jenkins with the simplicity and elasticity of the cloud to offer a best-in-class e-commerce solution for all 24 of our business units within the 11 countries we operate in."

CloudBees is the only production-ready Java PaaS to support the entire application lifecycle. Developers can build, test, deploy, manage and monitor Java web applications, all in the cloud. With CloudBees DEV@cloud service, GROUPE ADEO is implementing an e-commerce solution that can be regularly updated and improved seamlessly across networks, business units and countries, in real-time. At the core of the DEV@cloud service is Jenkins, the most widely used continuous integration server.

Groupe Sfeir, a France-based systems integrator, assisted GROUPE ADEO with the selection process for a new development platform. Sfeir's ability to instantly set up a Jenkins-based cloud development environment and create a simple prototype in five days was a factor in choosing the CloudBees platform. To date, the DEV@cloud solution has already resulted in significant quantifiable benefits for GROUPE ADEO's development organization, including:

  • Increase in build productivity by five times the previous rate;

  • An additional man-week per month allotted back to development tasks and away from infrastructure provisioning and maintenance;

  • Additional compute resources provisioned instantly for large build projects;

  • Easy extensibility of platform services via the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem.

Additional factors influencing GROUPE ADEO's decision to select development in the cloud and the CloudBees PaaS to build its new e-commerce application include:

  • Productivity: With the CloudBees Platform, developers no longer have to spend valuable time and resources managing infrastructure. GROUPE ADEO developers can now focus 100% of their time writing code and developing critical new e-commerce features.

  • Collaboration: The GROUPE ADEO development team is spread across several countries, yet they all have access to the CloudBees PaaS, enabling developer collaboration, distributed testing and sharing of prototypes.

  • Elasticity: The elasticity of the cloud improves productivity, as it eliminates infrastructure limitations. The GROUPE ADEO development team is spread across several countries, yet they all have access to computing resources on demand, and are able to instantly expand cloud resources when more compute-intense development tasks are occurring. Later, when demand falls back to normal baseline activity, resources can be just as quickly reduced.

  • Scalability: The CloudBees platform offers a pay-for-use model that allows instant scalability for running large builds throughout the development process and, once the application is deployed, can also instantly scale when spikes in e-commerce transaction volumes occur, such as during the holidays. As with most retailers, GROUPE ADEO experiences periods of high demand, when system load increases dramatically. Cloud computing is perfect for accommodating increased load instantly, when more resources are needed.

"GROUPE ADEO's success developing in the cloud with the CloudBees platform is a great example of how global operations can not only rely on, but truly benefit from using a PaaS in the cloud for mission-critical application development," said François Déchery, vice president, international business development, CloudBees. "GROUPE ADEO's developers are now focused on application priorities that will drive ADEO's business instead of diverting time and energy to infrastructure maintenance. "

For more specific information on GROUP ADEO's development of a new e-commerce application using DEV@cloud.

GROUPE ADEO ( ) is comprised of 24 companies sharing the same ambition: to make your living environment more beautiful, comfortable and safe.

A major player in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) marketplace, GROUPE ADEO is the:

  • Leading French player in the international DIY market,

  • Second largest throughout Europe,

  • Fourth largest worldwide.

The GROUPE ADEO companies produced annual turnover of 12.8 billion euros in 2010 and experienced growth of 15%. 5,000 new employees joined the company in 2010. In total, our 62,400 employees work around the globe to turn the dreams of the world's homeowners into reality through 24 companies, operating in 11 countries.

About CloudBees
CloudBees ( ) is the only cloud company focused on servicing the complete Java application lifecycle for cloud development and deployment -- without any servers, any virtual machines or any IT staff. The CloudBees platform today includes DEV@cloud, a service that lets developers take their build and test environments to the cloud, and RUN@cloud, which lets teams seamlessly deploy applications to production in the cloud.

CloudBees is also the world's premier expert on Jenkins, the most widely used continuous integration server. The company offers a Jenkins service as part of DEV@cloud, as well as an on-premise enterprise solution, Nectar, which is available as a subscription. Backed by Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite technology team.

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