CloudBees Adds MongoHQ, Papertrail and XWiki to Integrated Partner Ecosystem of Hosted Cloud Services for Java Developers

Java™ Developers Can Enjoy Build and Deployment Flexibility by Activating Additional Integrated Cloud Services with One Click from within the CloudBees Platform

WOBURN, MA. -- October 24, 2011 -- CloudBees, Inc. , the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced the addition to the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem of three new cloud services: MongoHQ, Papertrail and XWiki. CloudBees is the only Java PaaS that offers easy, one-click access to an open environment of integrated, partner-provided services to build, test, deploy, manage and monitor Java web applications in the cloud. It's also the only production-ready Java PaaS, supporting the entire application lifecycle from development through to deployment.

The three new offerings are:

  • MongoHQ , a hosted database solution for getting web applications up and running on MongoDB, fast. With it, developers can easily create and configure MongoDB databases as the data layer for CloudBees-hosted applications.

  • Papertrail , a log management solution for applications, servers and cloud services available as a one-click, hosted service. Teams can use Papertrail to aggregate, tail and search log messages from applications deployed on the CloudBees platform.

  • XWiki , a customizable, cloud-based wiki that enables developers to easily collaborate and share details about projects. From within the CloudBees platform, developers can store everything in XWiki that they might find useful for their projects, from code snippets to comprehensive application documentation.

These new services bring the total number of CloudBees Partner Ecosystem offerings to eight, with each offering key development and runtime capabilities.

"When we created MongoHQ, our primary goal was to make it easy for developers to use MongoDB as the data layer for their applications, allowing developers to focus on developing code instead of the complexities of managing their data layer in the cloud," said Jason McCay, CEO and founder, MongoHQ. "CloudBees shares this same core belief and has pioneered it in the Java community. We are excited to partner with CloudBees and offer MongoDB on this fast-growing and powerful platform."

"The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has become a core building block for deploying web applications written in many languages," said Troy Davis, CEO and co-founder, Papertrail. "The CloudBees platform provides a single environment to launch and scale these applications, and now the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem turns complex processes into one-click services. We're excited to provide one-click log aggregation, tail, search, analysis and archive with Papertrail on the CloudBees platform."

"We're delighted XWiki is now part of the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem. CloudBees helps us bring next generation wikis that are extensible, easier to use and more organized to users from all around the world," said Ludovic Dubost, CEO and founder, XWiki SAS. "XWiki is a powerful development platform that allows users to customize a wiki to their needs. As a result, we are constantly looking to improve the way we create and deploy applications and CloudBees is a huge help in this direction. Combining CloudBees with our upcoming 'App within minutes' will make it even easier for our users to contribute and use applications."

Java developers using CloudBees' DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud services can extend build and deployment flexibility by activating additional partner services from within the CloudBees platform. CloudBees handles the details of setting up the account with the partner, including automatic provisioning and consolidated invoicing, so developers enjoy a one-stop shop for their cloud application development, deployment and management needs.

"CloudBees provides a robust platform to manage infrastructure requirements as well as support the complete application lifecycle. With CloudBees' platform, Java developers can actually focus their time on development, not on infrastructure maintenance," said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder, CloudBees. "Partnering with leading cloud services companies like MongoHQ, Papertrail and XWiki allows us to provide even deeper functionality for developers within our platform. With the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem, we offer seamless integration across an array of cloud services, cultivating an environment where higher quality applications can be developed faster than ever, all from within one environment."

CloudBees launched the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem in June 2011, with five initial partners: Cloudant, JFrog, New Relic, SonarSource and Sauce Labs. For more information about cloud services available via the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem, visit:

About CloudBees
CloudBees ( ) is the only cloud company focused on servicing the complete Java application lifecycle for cloud development and deployment -- without any servers, any virtual machines or any IT staff. The CloudBees platform today includes DEV@cloud, a service that lets developers take their build and test environments to the cloud, and RUN@cloud, which lets teams seamlessly deploy applications to production in the cloud.

CloudBees is also the world's premier expert on Jenkins, the most widely used continuous integration server. The company offers a Jenkins service as part of DEV@cloud, as well as an on-premise enterprise solution, Nectar, which is available as a subscription. Backed by Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite technology team.

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