CloudBees Announces Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees

New Offering Provides 24x7 Global Technical Support and Additional Enterprise Plugins for Jenkins Continuous Integration Server, the Popular Open Source Development Platform

Woburn, MA - December 6, 2011 - CloudBees, Inc. , the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced the availability of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees to provide enterprise-class support and enhanced capabilities for the popular Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) platform. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees includes extended, formal technical support to enhance the support offered by the Jenkins community. Additionally, Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides value-add plugins to address common needs found in sophisticated Jenkins environments.

As Jenkins usage among enterprises increases, users and administrators face an increasing set of challenges - from reliance on Jenkins for mission-critical application development, to complex environments containing many masters and build machines in their Jenkins configurations. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees relieves these pain points with new plugins that enhance security, productivity and manageability both on-premise and in the cloud.

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is based on the same open source Jenkins code available from the Jenkins community; specifically the Jenkins Long Term Support (LTS) release line. Each LTS version is supported by the Jenkins community for three months. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees support adds another nine months, providing up to 12 months of comprehensive support for each LTS version. Thus, users benefit by having access to enterprise class technical support and a non-proprietary code base. Additionally, issues discovered within the LTS code and resolved by CloudBees are provided back to the community for inclusion in a future LTS version. This approach improves the community-driven LTS code line over time, while helping users who prefer to remain on a stable release for an extended period of time.

"Continuous integration is fundamental to developing and deploying high quality applications. Enterprises increasingly depend on Jenkins to help them deliver better applications more quickly. In fact, our most recent survey of Jenkins users found that more than 80% of them consider Jenkins to be mission-critical to their business," said Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of products, CloudBees. "This new subscription offering brings additional enterprise capabilities to Jenkins while adding the comfort of knowing you have world class support for a given release across an extended window of time."

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides:

Enterprise-Class Technical Support Worldwide

A Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees subscription includes extended support capabilities beyond those available through the Jenkins community:

  • Global Response: Technical support is available 24 hours/day, anywhere in the world.

  • Acceleration: Mission-critical problems are resolved through CloudBees' technical support process, minimizing delays in application development.

  • Extended Support Timeline : CloudBees extends support for each Jenkins LTS up to 12 months enabling users more consistent support and stability in their Jenkins environments.

  • Access to Jenkins Experts: Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees technical support is provided by renowned Jenkins experts. CloudBees developers have written a significant portion of the Jenkins code base and continue to contribute enhancements to the Jenkins community on an on-going basis.

Enterprise Plugins

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides a number of value-add plugins that help enterprises address issues encountered in sophisticated Jenkins environments. The categories of plugins available are:

  • Large Install Plugins: This group of plugins allows administrators to more productively manage "Jenkins sprawl" - the complexities that arise when multiple jobs, projects and teams are all using Jenkins.

  • Security Plugins: These plugins help administrators restrict project and installation access only to authorized users, mitigating security risks involved with implementations in large organizations.

  • Optimized Utilization Plugins: Plugins in this category enable administrators to optimize existing resources, greatly improving build times and reducing or eliminating costs associated with building out additional infrastructure.

"Enterprises of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on their Jenkins implementations to drive the development process across multiple teams and locations," added Harris. "The enterprise plugins we've introduced today add real, measurable value for organizations by simplifying, streamlining and securing the management of Jenkins environments."

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