Workflow in Jenkins

Thursday, 23 October 2014 -

Jenkins has various ways to “chain” projects together: triggers, promotions, copied artifacts, etc. However, assembling these into a complex continuous deployment pipeline can be painful. A new open source job type is under development that lets you use a single, readable Groovy script to orchestrate long-running build processes on one or more slaves. Complex control structures, human interaction and restarting from checkpoints are all within scope. Come hear about this powerful new system and get involved.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Jenkins Creator and CloudBees CTO

Kohsuke Kawaguchi is the creator of Jenkins. He is a well-respected developer and popular speaker at industry and Jenkins community events. He’s often asked to speak about his experience and approach in creating Jenkins; a CI platform that has become a widely adopted and successful community-driven open source project. The principles behind the Jenkins community - extensibility, inclusiveness, low barriers to participation - have been the keys to its success. Kawaguchi’s sensibilities in creating Jenkins and his deep understanding of how to translate its capabilities into usable software have also had a major impact on CloudBees’ strategy as a company. Before joining CloudBees, Kawaguchi was with Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he worked on a variety of projects and initiated the open source work that led to Jenkins.

Jesse Glick


Jesse has been writing Java code since the late 90s, most of that time working on the NetBeans IDE. In 2012, he joined CloudBees and continues to help programmers focus on their programs without all of the overhead that application delivery usually entails. He works on or with Jenkins daily.

Jesse Glick