Webinar Recording: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Workflow and Docker Explained

Written by: Nigel Harniman
2 min read

On January 20th, 2016 CloudBees and DevOps.com presented a webinar about Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Workflow and Docker. CloudBees presenter Neil Hudson de-mystified how to create end to end Continuous Delivery pipelines for Dockerized applications. He discussed how Docker solves some of the common challenges that result in the symptom of "Well it worked in the test environment" by showing how Docker allows both the application, its config and the run-time environment to be packaged up as a single artifact and managed through the Software Development Lifecycle.

Neil also showed how the 6 key Docker plugins in Jenkins are configured to automate the end to end pipeline using both the regular job chaining pattern and by leveraging Jenkins Pipeline (previously known as Jenkins Workflow) to model the whole process in a single Groovy based DSL script which can be checked in with and branched alongside the application source code. The examples show how to:

  • Build and publish a Docker image

  • Trace a running container back to its underlying image and its corresponding build/source

  • Trigger builds when upstream images are changed in the Docker Registry

  • Use Docker agents

  • Use Docker containers to create one-shot clean room build environments

You can view the recording and slides here .

During the Webinar there were many great questions submitted. We couldn't cover all of them during the online Q&A. We are working through them now and will update this article with the questions and answers soon. Please check back.

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