Leiningen support (clojure) for buildhive - autodetecting builds

Buildhive now has automatic detection and setup for Clojure/Lein based projects on github.

As an avid user of Leiningen (and clojure) I have handful of clojure projects I work on - I was helping a friend setup his ec2-api clojure project in buildhive:

I thought it would be handy to have Leiningen (the excellent build tool for clojure) support built in, and thus now it is !



Simply head on over to buildhive.cloudbees.com - and sign in with github. Then add a new project - if it has a “project.clj” in the root - it will know it is a Clojure project automatically and set up a build - by default it will call the “test” command, but you can change it in the project setup:




Lein commands

Of course you can change it, for example “do test, uberjar” - will build a jar with all dependencies bundled, if that is what you want.

Don’t forget you can add a build status badge to your projects readme in github:





Buildhive status



So what is it like to drive? take a look:
is for the project: 
Also, take a look at https://github.com/michaelneale/pingtown (a pingdom like app we use) - note the icon/build badge.
Also - for the EC2 clojure api I mentioned earlier - you can find it here. It is a very lite clojure idiomatic layer on the ec2 apis. The build hive project for it is here.
So - build hive away and have all your pull requests scrutinised before you even hear about them.