Every Business is a Software-Business

We are in the midst of a software revolution. Today, staying competitive in a software-driven economy means continuously delivering high quality software, quickly, and efficiently.

The changing business environment, distributed teams and infrastructure, code and toolchain complexity, and inter-product dependencies make software delivery a challenge.

Continuous Delivery is here to help. CloudBees Powers Continuous Delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a set of practices and methodologies in software development designed to improve the process of software delivery and ensuring reliable software releases.

  • Goals

    The goal of Continuous Delivery is to keep software release-ready, and enable a repeatable, reliable way to deploy software to any environment.

  • Involvement

    Continuous Delivery involves all dimensions of your R&D and Operations organizations – consisting of Team Collaboration, Agile and DevOps practices, Continuous Integration (CI), Build Automation, Test Automation, Deployment Automation and Shared Visibility.

  • Aglie Support

    Continuous Delivery takes Agile to its logical conclusion – with a way of working that transforms the way software is delivered. CD allows organizations to be more agile and innovate more rapidly- delivering better software, faster, continuously.

Learn more about what CD is and about the evolution from Agile, to DevOps to Continuous Delivery.

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Powering Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale

Continuous Delivery is not just for startups and Lean organizations. It holds massive gains for large-scale, big-business, enterprises.

Want some proof? Learn about Huwaei’s journey to Continuous Delivery.


Huawei is a $40B company delivering communications technologies for telecom carriers, enterprise and consumers. Huawei’s CD and DevOps implementation is a centralized, shared cloud service supporting:

  • 2,000 developers worldwide (and scaling to 40,000!)
  • 1,000 applications
  • More than 2,000 releases per year
  • More than 100,000 compile & builds per day
  • More than 1 million test cases run per day
  • More than 30 million LoC
  • More than 480K code review/analysis per year
  • More than 170k system integration testing per year

Huawei’s end-to-end Continuous Delivery transformation delivers:

  • Reduced cost of delivering software
  • Increased resource utilization and productivity
  • Shorter time to market with higher quality

“…to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”

#1 of the Twelve Principles behind the Agile Manifesto

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An Agile Approach To Achieving Continuous Delivery

Despite a teams best intentions and efforts, many struggle with software that arrives late, is of poor quality or simply fails to meet the needs of its users. Recently some organizations have adopted a fundamentally different approach, and it’s working! What has changed? Why does it work? What do these projects look like?

For over a decade, CloudBees has helped software businesses thrive.

With CloudBees, you release software more frequently and routinely, and respond quickly to business needs with greater reliability, predictability and quality

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