CloudBees Announces Another Industry First: AnyCloud™ for Hybrid Deployment Flexibility

Advanced Architecture Delivers Flexibility in Deploying Applications Across Hosted and On-Premise Cloud Environments, Brings Support to European Markets Immediately via AWS in Ireland, OVH in France

PARIS, FRANCE AND WOBURN, MA - February 14, 2012 - CloudBees, Inc., the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced the availability of AnyCloud™ for the hybrid deployment of production applications. AnyCloud provides CloudBees customers the flexibility to deploy and manage applications across a variety of data center environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), other managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, hosted data center providers as well as on-premise, in enterprise data centers. Additionally, with the introduction of AnyCloud, CloudBees can now support customer deployments directed to specific geographies.

Enterprises want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, but sometimes regulatory or company policies dictate how they are able to deploy applications in the cloud. In some cases, a production application can run on public infrastructure located anywhere. Whereas, others must be deployed to a specific destination based on government requirements or company policies. AnyCloud gives developers added flexibility in deploying applications to either traditional hosted or on-premise data centers to: 1) conform with regulatory requirements requiring an application to run in a specific geographic region; 2) comply with company policies mandating an application be deployed with a specific hosted provider; and 3) avoid data latency issues or security concerns that can arise from running applications outside of the enterprise data center.

Until now, PaaS providers have required data center operators to install complex PaaS software that they typically are not prepared to manage. "Forrester surveys show that 29% of enterprise Infrastructure and Operations teams are putting a high or critical priority on building a private cloud this year. But there's a catch: Most aren't operationally prepared to run a cloud, nor are they thinking through the operational implications of what this even means." Q&A: How To Get Private Cloud Right, Forrester Research, Inc., May 25, 2011.

CloudBees AnyCloud takes a very different approach and removes the burden of installing, updating and maintaining a complex stack of PaaS software from data center operators by managing the PaaS software stack remotely across environments. Gone are the days of losing track of all the cloud applications running in different locations. AnyCloud offers the ability to manage all applications from a single point of control, ensuring a high level of visibility and quality of service.

"We are building software applications for leading telco and travel organizations in France, using the development services within the CloudBees Platform," said Cyrille Le Clerc, chief technology officer, Xebia. "Once applications are ready for deployment to production, AnyCloud provides flexibility for various deployment scenarios. As such, it offers compelling choices for our customers, including the option of running inside their own datacenters, right next to existing databases."

"As we worked with customers around the world, CloudBees was being asked more and more for deployment options across various IT environments and hosted providers - particularly in Europe. We decided to satisfy the demand for flexible deployment options in a very different way than our competition," said François Déchery, vice president, international business development, CloudBees. "AnyCloud is a game-changer - it allows users to fully realize both the platform and service elements of PaaS. If you are not consuming a service, you are not really simplifying your operations nor reducing costs and, therefore, not realizing the full benefit of the cloud. AnyCloud addresses just that - giving PaaS users the freedom of deployment choice, including on-premise, while still benefiting from a true service offering."

Contact CloudBees ( ) for more information or to sign up for AnyCloud EU and OVH deployment. More AnyCloud deployment options will be announced throughout 2012.

For more information:

  • Upcoming Webinar: The Enterprise Cloud Dilemma -- Integrating the Cloud into Your Existing Architecture. Featuring speakers from Forrester Research and CloudBees.

CloudBees European sales and marketing operations are based out of the company's subsidiary in Switzerland.

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CloudBees turbo-charges the way Java applications are built and deployed to meet the rapid pace of business in an on-line and increasingly mobile world. By eliminating the friction caused by provisioning, maintaining and administering complex hardware and software infrastructure, we streamline and accelerate the entire Java application lifecycle from development to deployment. The CloudBees platform provides a set of rich services that are easily consumed by developers allowing them to rapidly build and deploy new business applications with zero IT administrative overhead. Our AnyCloud Service Architecture enables those applications to be easily deployed to any public, regional or enterprise cloud environment. CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small startups that want to focus on quickly creating new on-line businesses to large IT organizations that need to rapidly respond to new business application projects.

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