CloudBees Announces Major Platform Extensions for Simple Provisioning and Customization

ClickStarts and ClickStacks Enable Simple One-Click Application, Framework and Runtime Composition

JAVAONE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 1, 2012 – CloudBees, Inc. , the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced the availability of new one-click services to customize the platform and to streamline end-to-end application deployments across user-defined runtimes. These new services are the result of additional major investment in the CloudBees Platform to drive greater participation and deeper engagement with developers, communities, partners and enterprises.

The new services being introduced are called ClickStarts™ and ClickStacks™. ClickStarts reduce to a single click everything you need to create and deploy a running application that builds from source, is set up with continuous integration and deployment, and connects to other hosted services. ClickStacks let you customize CloudBees runtimes and compose new runtimes on which applications run. You can create your own ClickStarts and ClickStacks, or use and modify those provided by CloudBees to instantly get up and running with a working application that uses languages and frameworks, such as:

  • Scala
  • Spring
  • Clojure
  • Sencha Touch
  • Play 2
  • Hibernate
  • Lift
  • JAX-RS
  • Backbone.js
  • Grails

The powerful combination of ClickStarts and ClickStacks means that popular customizable applications such as LifeRay are also instantly available with a single click, providing new value to developers, communities, independent software vendors and systems integrators through the fully managed CloudBees PaaS.

The CloudBees Platform enhancements announced today are driven by the recognition that today’s cloud application platforms must adapt quickly to a host of new requirements resulting from increasing sophistication in cloud applications and cloud application development. Traditional platforms, like Java EE, have not kept pace with the new dynamic execution environments of the cloud, as well as the expectations of developers who need to create new value by leveraging hosted services. A modern cloud platform must add value and convenience in a world where backend application services and APIs are exploding. This is especially important in mobile applications, where enterprises want control over access to private data and developers want to easily integrate with services and existing assets.

“The aPaaS market is new. All offerings on the market will undergo architectural changes during the next three years, with potential resulting discontinuities in programming frameworks and platform characteristics,” said Yefim Natis, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner Research. “Traditional platforms will need to change to deliver the cloud requirements of elastic scalability, multi-tenancy, continuous versioning and global 24/7 access to services. Choose an aPaaS with these capabilities in mind to aim for both immediate benefits and long term viability in your chosen cloud platform.”

“The cloud is challenging developers’ traditional expectation of ‘platform’ in new ways every day. Developers need a platform that gets them up and going even more quickly with rapidly changing technologies and frameworks,” said Steven Harris, senior vice president of products, CloudBees. “ClickStarts bring the developer experience to an entirely new level in terms of time-to-productivity, and together with ClickStacks, open the fully managed CloudBees Platform so that it can be shaped and customized to meet the most demanding requirements of complex applications.”

CloudBees ClickStarts and ClickStacks provide unique value to developers, communities, partners and enterprises. For example:

Developers can:

  • Easily launch new projects developers creating new projects can get started quickly using pre-defined ClickStarts targeted at the application stack of their choice

  • Shape the CloudBees Platform to meet their specific needs – custom runtimes allow developers to work in the application environment to which they are accustomed

  • Create their own customized ClickStarts – create them from scratch or by starting from templates others have created

  • Embed ClickStarts in their own project – making it incredibly simple for others to take advantage of their work

  • Enrich community participation – many developer communities are already using CloudBees and building new value around CloudBees every day

Communities can:

  • Customize the CloudBees Platform extend the CloudBees PaaS to meet the native expectations for their particular framework or technology area

  • Get started quickly – get new members and projects started more quickly and with less hassle

  • Easily collaborate with others – easily share working applications built from scratch among collaborators

  • Develop projects faster – start coding using complete examples in their domain

  • Leverage re-use easily reuse code and third-party frameworks

Partners can:

  • Seamlessly integrate services – add their native services directly within the CloudBees environment

  • Blend service capabilities – blend their services with other services provided by CloudBees and other CloudBees Ecosystem Partners to create greater customer value at less cost

  • Build OAuth-enabled services – that leave the user in control of access to their CloudBees resources

  • Rapidly deliver consulting and systems integration practices – by formalizing and automating delivery using ClickStarts, ClickStacks and other extension points within the CloudBees Platform

Enterprises can:

  • Ensure adherence to corporate standards – create custom runtimes to capture unique corporate standards for re-use on the CloudBees Platform by development teams

  • Easily integrate enterprise services – integrate existing enterprise services with CloudBees-hosted applications

  • Ramp up new employees quickly – use ClickStarts to get new developers up to speed quickly, as well as create new ClickStarts that support specific corporate standards

What the Community is Saying
"The new ClickStarts and ClickStacks from CloudBees will be of great benefit to the Liferay ecosystem, helping our community and customers set up Liferay instantly, in the cloud. Liferay Portal is a web platform for developing web sites, portals and social collaboration systems and we often see customers wanting the capability of a cloud solution,” said Brian Kim, chief operating officer, Liferay. "We believe CloudBees offers unique capabilities that our customers, partners and community teams will appreciate."

"One of the founding principles of the Play community is simplicity and making it easier to develop Java and Scala web applications. Our global community, with a growing number of applications running in production, will find that ClickStarts from CloudBees deliver a whole new level of simplicity for Play developers,” said Guillaume Bort, creator of the Play framework and co-founder, Zenexity. “ClickStarts will enable the Play community to instantly provision a working Play environment and easily share apps and ideas with other community members, and deliver even greater productivity and innovation."

"The CloudBees ClickStack architecture allows New Relic to seamlessly inject deep monitoring capabilities into Java-based applications deployed on the CloudBees Platform,” said Jim Gochee, senior vice president of products, New Relic. “Because of the flexibility provided by this architecture, New Relic's embedded agents can be easily upgraded as our service evolves and our New Relic ClickStack plugins can be easily applied to future stacks created by developers. It's a perfect storm of flexibility for us and Java developers."

Pricing and Availability
ClickStarts and ClickStacks are provided as a standard feature of the CloudBees Platform at no additional cost. All users, including those on freemium plans, have full access to the power of ClickStart and ClickStack functionality.

ClickStarts and ClickStacks are available today on the CloudBees Platform. If you are an existing CloudBees customer, Sign In to the CloudBees Platform and click on the ClickStart link at the top of the page, on the black navigation bar. If you are not yet a CloudBees customer, create a CloudBees account for free.

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