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E*TRADE Speeds Up Test and Deploy Cycles By 1,200 Using CloudBees CD

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When you think about DevOps in large enterprises – it really doesn’t get any more competitive, heavily regulated, complex, risk-averse, relying on legacy systems, etc. – than in Financial Services.

CloudBees is working closely with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. CloudBees CD was selected as the standard Application Release Automation (ARA) solution by several leading Financial Services companies, including a Fortune 10 bank, two leading electronic stock trading companies and one of the industry’s largest mortgage originators.

The work that our customers in Finserv are doing around DevOps and Continuous Delivery is truly inspiring! These enterprises prove that DevOps can not only accelerate your time to market, but is also an enabler for achieving better auditory safeguards and improved efficiency, while mitigating risk.

Manuel Edwards, systems engineering manager at E*TRADE spoke at our recent DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) on “How Wall Street Does Continuous Delivery”.

Manuel manages two globally distributed teams: the Release Team, shipping more than 1,400 RPMs every week and the Non-Production Operations team, which maintains more than 2,000 QA hosts running all of the applications a Financial Services Fortune 500 such as E*TRADE requires. Everything that E*TRADE produces, from the website to mobile clients, trading engine, settling systems and so on is built and deployed by Manuel’s team. In addition, his team also manages tools and processes for software updates propagation across the organization, helps with tools for systems maintenance, and works with regulators in case of any audit.

In his talk at DOES, Manuel described some of the patterns used by E*TRADE to speed up the build, test and deploy cycles by 1,200 using CloudBees CD. Watch the talk below, as well as two interviews given by Manuel – one with InfoQ’s and one – talking about how Financial Services are seeing huge returns from their investment in DevOps.