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Technical Tuesday, October 2023 Edition

Welcome to Technical Tuesday where we will share some buzz-worthy highlights and give you updates on the latest items we have released over the past month! From How to videos, webinars, docs and blogs- checkout what’s happening in the hive at CloudBees. For this spooky edition (please, no pumpkin spiced lattes) - we will talk about some of the features released with CD/RO and CI from CloudBees. As well as a sneak peak at the new Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform coming to CloudBees on Nov. 1st!

New GitHub Actions Available for CloudBees CD/RO

We've just released six GitHub Actions for working with CloudBees CD/RO. Learn how to integrate your CD/RO processes into your GitHub Actions workflows.

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Enhancements

You spoke - we listened - additional enhancements for the explorer include, expandable drawer for tree view/issue explorer, UTC time option, and PR links now redirect to Pipeline Explorer. If you haven’t tried it yet, its worth a peak especially if your current log viewer is slow to load, the console logs are many clicks away and can't troubleshoot effectively.

Pipeline explorer gif

CloudBees platform: coming soon!

  • CloudBees Actions, a GitHub Actions-like DSL which is container based.

  • Developer-centric experience: Enhances the developer experience by minimizing cognitive load and making DevOps processes nearly invisible, using concepts of blocks, automations and golden paths.

  • Open and extensible: Embraces the DevOps ecosystem of tools, starting with Jenkins.

Workflow Composer SaaS

Brush up on your Jenkins skills!

CloudBees CI is built on Jenkins and targeted for enterprise-sized customers. Whether you are enterprise-sized or not, keep up on those Jenkins skills! Here are a few binge-worthy How-To videos to keep your skill level up.

Can we have multiple agents in Jenkins Pipeline?

Video time 3:33

Using Label Conditions in Jenkins

Video time 3:56

What is the meaning of Agent Any in Jenkins?

Video time 4:03

Give me more!

Blogs, Webinars, and other buzziness you may have missed this month

Supercharge your release process for Argo CD using CloudBees CD/RO

Argo CD is a GitOps approach for deploying kubernetes applications. But by itself, Argo CD isn’t representative of a complete release process required by enterprises. Learn where Argo CD falls short and how CloudBees helps fill this void.

Platform Engineering 5 Step Guide to Managing Tool Sprawl

Platform engineering teams must learn to address tool sprawl to optimize the organization’s development process. In this guide, we dive into five steps to help get started.

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