CloudBees CI and Jenkins: Feature Comparison

Discover the power of CloudBees CI, an enterprise solution leveraging Jenkins® for scalable and high-performing Continuous Integration. Compare Jenkins and CloudBees CI features to find out which suits your needs best.

Harnessing the Full Potential of Continuous Integration with CloudBees CI and Jenkins

CloudBees CI is a powerful enterprise solution for Continuous Integration (CI) that leverages the flexible and robust Jenkins engine. With its added features, this solution significantly boosts scalability, manageability, and performance for enterprises utilizing Jenkins. Now, let's explore how Jenkins and CloudBees CI compare against each other. Take a look at the feature comparison and find out!

Learn how customers have been leveraging CloudBees CI to better manage and scale their Jenkins environments

Salesforce Migrates DevOps to the Cloud with CloudBees CI

Salesforce empowers software developers to create high-quality, secure enterprise apps on its platform

Internal Revenue Service Modernizes with Agency-wide DevOps Initiative

To modernize software development programs and increase productivity, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service adopted DevOps practices using the CloudBees platform.

BNP Paribas CIB Transforms with DevOps to Stay on the Forefront of Global Banking Industry

To thrive in a highly competitive and regulated global banking market, BNP Paribas CIB built a high quality, stable and secure software development platform using CloudBees CI.

Broadridge Accelerates the Pace of Software Delivery with CloudBees

Broadridge Financial Solutions rearchitected how it develops and delivers business-critical software—from the way brokers process their books to the features used on the trading floor.

The Role of CloudBees CI and Kubernetes in Moving DevOps to the Cloud

Learn how Markel’s application teams quickly transitioned from a traditional on-premise Jenkins environment to a cloud-based containerized CloudBees CI platform.

Autodesk Builds Better Software Faster with CloudBees

Autodesk sparked a CI/CD transformation using CloudBees CI to establish secure, automated Jenkins pipelines.

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Manage and Scale Jenkins for the Enterprise

Jenkins is arguably one of the most popular development tools on the planet. However, it’s easy for some of the maintenance that comes with building and scaling Jenkins pipelines across an enterprise to grow burdensome.


Massive ROI with Jenkins

Learn how to overcome delivery challenges with Jenkins, save time with available solutions, and tame the power of Jenkins to meet the fast-paced demands of software delivery. Discover insights for successful Jenkins implementation at scale.


Biggest Update in performance and scalability for Jenkins in a decade!

Check out the new features in CloudBees CI! We're giving Jenkins the boost it needs to meet the heavy performance needs of enterprises.