CloudBees Launches the Most Significant Performance and Scalability Functionality for Jenkins in a Decade

DEVOPS WORLD NEW YORK AND SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – September 14, 2023 – Today at DevOps World 2023, CloudBees, the leading software delivery platform for enterprises, announced significant performance and scalability breakthroughs for Jenkins® with new updates to its CloudBees Continuous Integration (CI) software. 

CloudBees CI is an enterprise version of Jenkins. Jenkins is the most widely used CI/CD software globally, with an estimated 11.2 million* developers using it as part of their software delivery process. The updates bring high availability and horizontal scalability to Jenkins, eliminating the bottlenecks that plague administrators and developers as they massively scale CI/CD workloads on Jenkins. In addition, CloudBees announced additional performance-enhancing capabilities such as workspace caching to speed up builds and a new pipeline explorer for easier and faster debugging. Existing customers can access these new features in the release of CloudBees CI available on September 20.

“High availability and horizontal scalability for Jenkins is a capability our enterprise customers have wanted for a long time. The ability to run Jenkins at massive scale with active-active high availability becomes especially critical when you're dealing with thousands of developers, running multiple thousands or hundreds of thousands of jobs across a small set of monolithic, overloaded controllers,” said Shawn Ahmed, chief product officer, CloudBees. “At this scale, you are dealing with a community of developers that want a high resiliency developer experience with no disruption. We have removed significant barriers in scaling Jenkins, enabling enterprises to run greater workloads than ever before. The new capabilities in CloudBees CI are a game-changing experience for DevOps teams."

Enterprise developers love Jenkins. Its flexibility, extensibility, and reliability make Jenkins the go-to-choice for application teams dealing with complexity in their CI/CD processes and running workloads at massive scale. However, multiple teams running heavy workloads can overload Jenkins, degrading performance, causing unstable controllers, decreasing productivity and increasing demands on Jenkins administrators. That stops today. A Jenkins monolith no longer holds teams captive to a single controller. The updates from CloudBees ensure that workloads can be load balanced to replica controllers, making Jenkins always available and able to scale as required.

The latest updates to CloudBees CI are tailored to meet the needs of enterprise customers, creating one of the most pivotal and impactful releases in the history of the CloudBees platform. 

In addition to high availability and horizontal scalability, additional performance-enhancing features introduced include:

As enterprises face the reality that the speed, quality and security of software innovation differentiates their business, CloudBees is helping its customers ensure software delivery can now happen more quickly, more reliably and, most importantly, at scale.


The updates to CloudBees CI are available globally on September 20 to CloudBees commercial customers. 

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*Recent market share statistics from Datanyze show that Jenkins has an estimated 44% of CI/CD market share. Evans Data in its Worldwide Developer Population and Demographic Study 22.2 estimated there are approximately 25 million developers globally. With a 44% market share, this means approximately 11,264,000 developers use Jenkins for CI.

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