Get Certified for Jenkins

Certification for Jenkins Engineers

Attaining certified status means you possess the skills and hands-on experience necessary to implement and use Jenkins®. There are two certifications available:

  • Certified Jenkins Engineer (for proficiency with Jenkins)

  • Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (for proficiency with Jenkins and CloudBees Core)

For Jenkins and CloudBees engineers, earning certification helps you prove a level of proficiency and skill. For managers, hiring Jenkins-certified or CloudBees-certified personnel provides assurance of a documented level of expertise for roles that require Jenkins or CloudBees skills.

To help prepare for certification exams, take the following courses either as self-paced on CloudBees University or at DevOps World |Jenkins World.

Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE)

  • Jenkins: Essentials

  • Jenkins Level 1: Pipeline Essentials

  • Jenkins Level 1: Administration

Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE)

  • Jenkins: Essentials

  • Jenkins Level 1: Pipeline Essentials

  • Jenkins Level 1: Administration

  • CloudBees CI: Essentials

Tests can be taken at hundreds of Kryterion test centers around the world or online in a proctored setting.

If you are taking the exam at a test center, on the day of the exam, go to the test center, sign in and show your photo ID. No laptop will be required, computers are provided at the test centers. You will not be be allowed to use any personal electronic devices during the exam, nor will you be able to access the Internet or refer to notes.

If you are taking the online, proctored exam, a computer is required. Instructions will be emailed to you to ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements before the day of your exam.

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