CloudBees DevOptics

Visibility and insights to measure, manage and optimize your software delivery

CloudBees DevOptics

CloudBees DevOptics helps you to get real-time value stream insights of your software delivery process

  • Measure & manage DevOps efficiency

    Measure performance across teams to leverage best practicies and enable continuous improvement with industry standard DevOps performance metricsrelated to Throughput Stability, such as Deployment Frequency, Mean Lead Time, Mean Time To Recover and Change Failure Rate.

  • Real-time value streams

    Map your software delivery lifecycle by connecting teams and tools to get shared insigts into your software delivery status. You can proactively identify and remove bottlenecks to reduce waste.

  • CD Platform Monitoring

    Track availability, usage and team engagement of your CD Platforms to ensure they are optimally supporting your software delivery activities.

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