CloudBees Launches Two New Software Delivery Management Modules

Written by: Michael Baldani
3 min read

During DevOps World 2020, attendees heard about CloudBees Software Delivery Management and its upcoming availability. Well, today we make good on that promise.

CloudBees is excited to launch two new Software Delivery Management capabilities that help engineers balance their team's time to maximize software delivery speed, predictability and overall health.

CloudBees Software Delivery Management has removed the headache of building and maintaining a System of Record with a common data model to aggregate, correlate and normalize data from across tools. We’re releasing new functionality that leverages this System of Record to surface information for engineering leaders and team managers.

  • CloudBees Engineering Efficiency provides the visibility and insights needed to keep development teams focused on delivering value quickly and predictably;

  • CloudBees Feature Management lets you progressively deliver features to your users with confidence while giving product teams control over every release.

A little more about CloudBees Engineering Efficiency

After talking to 30-40 engineering managers and leaders with multiple developers across  multiple teams, a common thread of questions became prevalent:

  • Are we focusing on the right things?

  • Did my team work on the things they said they would?

  • How efficiently are we getting code out the door? 

  • Where do I have opportunities to improve?

  • Where is my team stuck?

Ultimately, engineering leaders want to have data-driven conversations with stakeholders and executives. However, getting the data across the different tools and stitching that data together to get some limited view is really hard.

Without giving the farm away, here’s a glimpse into how CloudBees Engineering Efficiency lets you have those data-driven discussions.

Improve software delivery speed and predictability

Measure your team’s cycle time from when development started to when changes are deployed. Discover areas in the software delivery process that are not working well and reducing velocity. Identify process improvements, giving you confidence in your team's development agility in order to deliver quickly, frequently and predictably.

A view into Feature Management

CloudBees Feature Management builds on top of our popular feature flag management technology. If you’re familiar with feature flags, then you know how they safely enable progressive delivery of features at scale by decoupling code deployment from feature release.

The risk reduction and developer productivity benefits of feature flags are well documented, but we believe the management of features will extend well beyond “traditional” users in development  to include users in product, marketing, support, sales and more as flag usage grows in every organization.

CloudBees Feature Management enables less technical users to safely measure, manage and experiment with features from initial commit to production. Built into the common System of Record backbone of Software Delivery Management alongside CloudBees Engineering Efficiency, CloudBees Feature Management enables companies to take a holistic, feature-focused view of the time spent creating features and the impact that they’re having on a company’s bottom line. Finally, the impact of development on a company is not only measurable, but embraced as a true driver for growth! 

To learn more out more about these two new modules of CloudBees Software Delivery Managemet, visit

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