Session Description

Let’s get real. Building and delivering software isn’t easy.

If it was, anyone could do it right? It’s a complex team sport that sometimes leaves one shrugging your shoulders while the brain is having a “500 Internal Server Error” of its own.

Your playbook is getting complex. Working against you are innovation deadlines, multiple meetings, dated tech in need of modernization, newer tech and more complex architectures.

You strive for insight into your process, tools and people so that you can help your teams stay on top of everything as you juggle your work/life balance.

It’s possible. It can be done.

In this keynote, we will talk about many of the innovations recently released in CloudBees CI, the most widely adopted CI/CD engine built on Jenkins! We will demonstrate a powerful Software Delivery Automation solution built on: CloudBees CI, the world’s leading orchestration engine; CloudBees CD; and the industry’s richest feature flagging solution, CloudBees Feature Flags. Now your software delivery playbook comes together with Software Delivery Management (SDM) integrated with Software Delivery Automation (SDA).

In the keynote we will explore:

  • How SDA enables the potential of DevOps

  • Updates on recent product innovations

  • Key CloudBees SDM features and capabilities delivered in the past year, including CI/CD integration

  • CloudBees’ future roadmap of where we are going and what we are developing next.