The Power of Open Source Community

Session Description

This keynote panel will cover two unique stories of how the open source community has impacted personal and professional lives for the better. The panel is composed of Marky Jackson, director of open source community at OpsMx and community ambassador at the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CD Foundation) and Tracy Ragan, CEO of DeployHub and governing board member at the CD Foundation. The session will be moderated by Jacqueline Salinas, director of ecosystem and community development at the CD Foundation.

The discussion will cover how attendees can make an impact by contributing to open source communities through organizations like the CD Foundation. The panelists will share their personal DevOps journey, talk about the people who helped and inspired them along the way, and describe how they have given back to open source communities such as Jenkins, Spinnaker and others.

Join this session to learn how to get involved in open source communities based on Marky and Tracy's first-hand experiences. The panel will touch on the CD Foundation's role in helping propel open source communities, how to start contributing to open source projects, how to be a mentor/mentee, how to contribute to help the CD Foundation achieve the nine strategic goals defined by the governing board and why community is needed now more than ever to foster innovation and progress.