HSBC Wins 2019 CloudBees CEO for DevOps Transformation Excellence Award

Written by: Sacha Labourey
3 min read
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I was really proud to award HSBC with our first 2019 CloudBees CEO Award for DevOps Transformation Excellence at DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco two weeks ago. It’s an amazing award and means a lot to me, as CEO, to honor HSBC in this way.

I’ve seen CloudBees grow from a tiny group of founders who caught the beginning wave of DevOps 10 years ago. We worked hard to develop a product and collaborate with the open source community. Today we still do that and help everyone ranging from small businesses to large Fortune 50 enterprises in their DevOps transformations by implementing automation and supporting best practices. To give this award to a well-deserving company is truly a proud moment for me.

We had two criteria for the new CEO award:

  • The company had to be a real innovator, and

  • The company also had to be fully committed to its DevOps transformation at all levels in the organization. HSBC met both of these requirements.

In fact, HSBC has done amazing new and innovative work to implement DevOps with Google Anthos . They are also a very active partner in transforming DevOps, not only in their own company but within the DevOps industry. They’ve taken a lot of risks and moved boldly forward with their own DevOps digital transformation. And I know they’re not done yet with all the new development projects they have going on to build new and better applications for their customers. They evolved from being not only a financial services organization, but to truly being a leading IT organization, too. A lot is said about the nimble start-ups that call themselves Fintech companies. HSBC is a nimble giant that deserves inclusion in the category of Fintech.

However, this award is not just about innovation. It’s about commitment. It’s about commitment from HSBC’s top executives, like the global CIOs we have on stage at DevOps World | Jenkins World to the global CTO, the executive team, and all the way down to the field. They’re the ones making it happen. That’s not a small task for a company that has 26 markets and 262,000 employees.

In an organization the size of HSBC, it’s not easy to implement a DevOps transformation. But they are doing it. They are determined, gritty, tenacious - and committed. They see value in delivering software at the speed of ideas to their customers.

I’m really proud to honor HSBC with our first CEO award. Congrats!


Sacha Labourey

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