CloudBees Flow v5.2 is Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of CloudBees Flow 5.2, which also includes ElectricCommander 5.2. This release is focused on extending capabilities of ElectricCommander Platform as well as CloudBees Flow Deploy application. Some of the highlights are:

ElectricCommander Platform

Easier integrations through RESTful API

ElectricCommander platform’s programmatic interfaces are now extended to include RESTful API. This provides an easier option to integrate with the product without requiring customers to install ec-perl or ec-tool clients. You can use any programming languages of your choice, such as Phython or Ruby, which support invoking RESTful services. This RESTful API support is available for the entire platform including APIs for the CloudBees Flow Deploy application.

Define complex business rules using Javascript API

With this release there is access to the complete API via Javascript. You can now use a simple, consistent JavaScript interface to interact with the full API set of the product.

Visibility into server activity though System Health Monitoring

This release allows you to monitor some of the key statistics about the server, like API usage, API response times, internal queue lengths, etc.  The product is integrated with StatsD and Graphite to collate statistics, summarize them and then create charts and graphs to visualize server activity.

Additional platforms supported

With this release we are announcing support for

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Windows 8.1

CloudBees Flow Deploy

Lowered risk and faster deployments through Smart Deploy

This capability is all about reducing risk and time taken during deployments. With Smart Deploy the product automatically detects the delta between what is about to be deployed and what is already deployed to an environment. With this automatic delta analysis the system deploys only what has changed. This significantly reduces the risk associated with deployments as well as improves deployment time. 3smart deploy

Partial Deployments for additional flexibility

Nature of deployments varies through the application lifecycle and users need control over what is being deployed. With Partial Deploy, you have the flexibility to choose specific components to be deployed instead of the whole application.  This capability is useful early on in the lifecycle where certain components may iterate very frequently. 4Partial Deploy

Improved user experience to trigger deploy with Last Run

This release enables you to kick off new deployments by leveraging one of the prior runs instead of specifying all the parameters all over again. This allows users to repeat what was done in past. 1run_launch_large 2last run large

Kick off unattended deployment using Scheduled Deployment

With the ability to schedule deployments you can control when a particular deployment would be triggered. Schedules could be one-time or recurring. 5Schedule1   6Schedule2

Deployment Notifications over email

With multiple applications being deployed across various environments by multiple teams, it is critical to notify appropriate owners about success or failures of these deployments. With this release it is possible to easily setup notifications for various processes so that visibility can be shared with the relevant users. These proactive notifications ensure that follow-up actions can be taken quickly. These email notifications allow users to get the most relevant summary quickly and jump to the right screens in the product for more details, if needed. 7Notifications1   8Notifications2  9Notifications3

How to get the new versions?

Existing customers can download the packages from the CloudBees Sharefile site (check your email for upgrade instructions!). See the product documentation for the Release Notes and Installation Guide for the supported platforms and system requirements. Contact Customer Support with questions or feedback about this release.


See it in Action!

Watch the on-demand webinar to see a product demo of CloudBees Flow Deploy. With the new release of CloudBees Flow, CloudBees provides overworked IT Operations Teams with true enterprise-grade automation capabilities and enhancements. The webinar highlights key features and functionality and cover what’s new in CloudBees Flow Deploy, including:

  • Model driven deployments to provide predictable and repeatable deployments across multiple environments
  • Powerful environment management and reporting to make it easy to view and promote release candidates across multiple environments
  • High availability and horizontal scalability to allow massive parallelization and ensure deploys happen within tight maintenance windows

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