Software Delivery Automation

Software Delivery Automation

Connect all the tools in your DevOps toolchain to efficiently and securely automate the release of software.

Automate and Accelerate Your Software Delivery. Safely.

Continuous integration

Drive continuous quality, stability and compliance to reduce risk

Continuous delivery

Increase efficiency and reduce risks associated with software delivery

Feature flag management

Separate feature deployment from code releases

DevOps Teams Are Transforming

DevOps teams are transforming their software factories but find they are still cobbled together. Enterprises need a way to seamlessly connect the toolchain to truly realize their vision of becoming software-first, product-led companies.

DevOps teams are transforming

Foundational Pillars of SDA

Software Delivery Automation (SDA) is supported by the following pillars:

  • Continuous Integration
    Drive productivity and stability while accelerating time-to-market through automation of the software lifecycle.

  • Continuous Delivery
    Automate and orchestrate releases at scale. Measure, track and improve software delivery.

  • Feature Flags
    Separate feature deployment from code releases. Speed development by delivering software changes as soon as they are code-complete for testing with a subset of users.

CloudBees is the only vendor building a solution that integrates all these components. Our solution connects the entire DevOps toolchain, providing the sophisticated automation and robust security controls that every enterprise needs.


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