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Expert Support

Receive engineer-to-engineer help and guidance from the experts at CloudBees, many of whom are CCJPE-certified and Jenkins® open source committers. Find out more about our service level agreements.


Customer Success Management

Get the most out of your subscription with the proactive engagement of Customer Success Managers and Technical Success Managers

Self-Service Support

Find answers and resolve issues at digital speed using knowledge base articles, diagnostic tools and a vibrant customer community


Training by CloudBees

Increase your mastery of CI/CD and Jenkins with on-site or online workshops delivered by CCJPE-certified consultants from CloudBees

Self-paced online courses, with slides, videos and labs, from entry-level to advanced Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Solutions lessons. Free training for our customers

Become a CI/CD and Jenkins master with public or on-site trainings delivered by CloudBees certified trainers from our worldwide network of Training Partners



Get your CloudBees Jenkins Solution subscription fully operational and become educated in the process, all through a mix of hands-on workshops and trainings


Get a full review of your environment and use of best practices in areas such as DevOps maturity, architecture, production readiness or overall health. Start with a free assessment

Helping Hands


CloudBees experts help you implement advanced CI/CD functionality or integration points with your IT environment, through short and educational engagements


Be recognized for your Jenkins expertise, either as a Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) or as a Certified CloudBees Jenkins Platform Engineer (CCJPE)

Prepare for Jenkins certification exams by reading the CJE and CCJPE study guides, as well as the CloudBees Certification Guide

A complete course covering concepts and best practices, illustrated by hands-on labs for both CJE and CCJPE certifications. Available online, in self-paced mode or in a classroom, via CloudBees partners

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            Our customer portal provides a rich experience as your hub to:

  • Search hundreds of knowledge base articles

  • Get professional support from Jenkins experts

  • Access curated documentation

  • Get trained and certified

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