Scaling Jenkins with Docker: Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos?

The Jenkins platform can be dynamically scaled by using several Docker cluster and orchestration platforms, using containers to run slaves and jobs and also isolating job execution. But which cluster technology should be used? Docker Swarm? Apache Mesos? Kubernetes? How do they compare? All of them can be used to dynamically run jobs inside containers. This talk will cover these main container clusters, outlining the pros and cons of each, the current state of the art of the technologies and Jenkins support. I believe people will be very interested in learning about the multiple options available.


Carlos Sanchez
Senior Software Engineer
Jenkins Project

Carlos Sanchez specializes in the automation and quality of software development, from build tools to continuous delivery. He has spoken on the subject at several conferences around the world. Involved in open source for over ten years, he is the author of the Kubernetes plugin and a member of the Apache Software Foundation, amongst other open source groups. He is a contributor to several projects, such as Apache Maven, Fog and Puppet. He works at CloudBees scaling the Jenkins platform.