Top 3 Considerations When Designing a Cloud Architecture for Enterprise Scalability on AWS

So you’re considering moving to the cloud. Not what? The decision to move is big one, but it can also provide your company with a competitive advantage for years to come -- if you design an architecture for success on top of your cloud infrastructure. This webinar, hosted by CloudBees and AWS, will cover the latest trends and shifting usage patterns in cloud migration, along with use cases and benefits achieved.

Further, it will review the architectural decision process undertaken by the CloudBees Feature Flags team to ensure their customers could scale on AWS while also maximizing customer privacy and up-time using a stateless architecture. Anyone looking to enhance or scale an enterprise solution on AWS and those who are considering how to manage their clients’ personally identifiable information (PII) will find this event particularly useful.

Join us for this webinar on Thursday, August 27th at 1pm ET, where we will provide considerations around: 

  • Scale and speed: how can you ensure maximum scalability as application usage grows?

  • Resiliency: designing applications that are not critical path in your customers’ end software

  • Data privacy: using a stateless architecture to minimize data privacy concerns with end clients 

CloudBees Feature Flags has trusted AWS to scale their application for years, and they’ve successfully scaled their product to many global enterprise customers using the architectural considerations presented during this webinar. Further, we’re happy to announce that CloudBees Feature Flags is the only enterprise feature flag management platform now available on the AWS Marketplace!

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