Viridity Energy Delivers Better Software, Faster with CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform

CloudBees Continuous Delivery Services Help Viridity Energy Focus Developer Time, Accelerate Feature Enhancements and Get to Market Faster

CloudBees Jenkins CloudWOBURN, MA. – May 21, 2014 – CloudBees, Inc., the enterprise continuous delivery leader, today announced that Viridity Energy, a leading energy optimization software and technology company, is using the CloudBees’ Platform to continuously deliver its flagship VPower™ software application. Leveraging the CloudBees solution, Viridity Energy shaved months off its development timetable, shortened deployment times by more than 85 percent and cut software development costs by 66 percent.

“The CloudBees platform has enabled us to deliver better solutions to our clients faster, because we're not spending time worrying about continuous delivery infrastructure,” said Craig Stewart, enterprise architect at Viridity Energy. “We are a software company; that is what we concentrate on. With CloudBees we can dedicate every last ounce of developer time into feature enhancements for our clients.”

Viridity Energy’s software uses internet-connected sensors and devices to help large electric consumers do a better job of proactively and productively managing their energy assets. VPower provides customers a dynamic link with the electric grid and other energy assets, enabling them to monitor equipment, energy management systems, electricity prices and weather so they can cut costs and resell their energy savings into secondary markets. Viridity Energy built VPower as a reactive application, making it scalable, resilient, responsive and driven by asynchronous events.

“In addition to streamlining the deployment process, we also wanted to establish a continuous delivery pipeline with continuous integration for Scala, the Akka toolset and other critical elements of reactive application development,” says Duncan DeVore, vice president of software engineering at Viridity Energy. “With Jenkins and the CloudBees Platform our developers can focus on software development and accelerate the delivery of new features and updates to our clients.”

Viridity Energy developers are continually updating VPower on the CloudBees Platform, using Jenkins for continuous integration. As a part of their continuous delivery pipeline, Viridity Energy also uses Jenkins to automatically deploy their software to three environments running on the CloudBees Platform: integration, quality assurance and production. This enables them to streamline the delivery process and ensure high quality updates are deployed to production and run as anticipated.

Using CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform, Viridity Energy has realized several business benefits:

  • Deployment windows reduced by more than 85 percent -- “In the past there were times when we would start a deployment around 6 p.m. and not be finished until 2 a.m.,” Stewart added. “Today, we can deploy a release in less than an hour. The hot-fixes we perform now simply would not have been practical with our old approach.”

  • Costs cut by 66 percent -- Moving to CloudBees from Viridity Energy’s data center cut costs by two-thirds, allowing the company to pay for the actual resources it uses rather than pre-purchasing infrastructure to handle volume spikes and ongoing growth.

  • Months of development time saved -- “With the CloudBees continuous delivery services, a build that used to take two minutes now takes only five seconds. Multiply that by many builds and the time savings adds up,” DeVore said. “The combination of faster builds, faster deployment and less time spent setting up and maintaining infrastructure helped us shave one to two months off our six-month schedule.”

“The success Viridity Energy has achieved in buildinga reactive application that’s scalable, resilient and responsive showcases the true strength of continuous delivery on the CloudBees Platform,” said Steve Harris, senior vice president of products, CloudBees. “We pride ourselves in helping our customers simplify and accelerate the entire application lifecycle. We look forward to working further with Viridity Energy as they continue to offer new and innovative energy management solutions to their customers.”

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About Viridity Energy
Viridity Energy’s innovative decision-support software platform is helping energy consumers take control of energy spend. Viridity Energy provides customers with a complete spectrum of software tools to minimize net energy costs by factoring in both real-time and predicted conditions to produce actionable information for the customer. By enabling customers to see the real value of their energy load flexibility through cutting edge software and best in class market execution services, Viridity customers achieve maximum financial results. For more information, please visit .

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