Jenkins Community Announces Record Growth and Innovation in 2017

Over 1,000,000 Jenkins users worldwide make Jenkins the most widely-used, open source automation server

Jenkins logoSAN FRANCISCO, CA. – JENKINS WORLD – AUG 31, 2017 – The Jenkins project , the community of practitioners using Jenkins, is hosting its annual Jenkins World conference this week in San Francisco. In addition to featuring a world-class line up of Jenkins and DevOps experts and speakers, the Jenkins project is also reporting multiple milestones achieved this year. With an estimated 1,000,000+ users around the world, Jenkins is the de facto continuous delivery and DevOps orchestration tool.

Record Growth and Industry Award
Jenkins is widely considered the most popular automation server in use today. The project hit more than 150,000 active* installations as of June 30, 2017 — growth of 50 percent since the Jenkins project announced a 100,000 active installations milestone in January of 2015.
(*Active installations are instances which permit anonymous usage data collection and have sent information in the preceding 30 days. This statistic does not reflect all Jenkins installations - only those installations that permit the data collection. This is an extremely conservative record of Jenkins usage. The Jenkins project also makes the usage information it captures publicly available.)

In the 2016 State of Jenkins Community Survey , 85 percent of community survey respondents stated that their company’s use of Jenkins had grown over the past year. Additionally, fully 90 percent said their use of Jenkins is mission-critical for their company. The 2016 State of Jenkins Community Survey results indicate that usage of Jenkins is providing value for both existing and new users through the expanded use of Jenkins within organizations.

Jenkins was also awarded “Best DevOps Open Source Project ” by as part of the DevOps Dozen awards. “Jenkins has really become the nexus of continuous delivery,” said Alan Shimel, editor-in-chief, “Everyone has a plugin for Jenkins, and while there are lots of great open source developer tools on the market, Jenkins is one of the most used and most trusted. The sheer number of users speak for the reliability and innovation Jenkins provides.”

An Innovative Year for the Community
In February 2017, the community released Declarative Pipeline , a new, simpler way to automate continuous delivery pipelines. With this announcement, the project introduced declarative syntax to pipeline automation, making it significantly easier for software delivery teams - and especially non-programmers - to create and maintain continuous delivery pipelines. CloudBees collaborated with the Jenkins community to develop the new functionality.

In April, the anticipated launch of Blue Ocean , a dramatic new UX implementation for Jenkins, brought a new user experience to Jenkins. Blue Ocean is based on a personalized, modern design that allows users to graphically create, visualize and get an instant status of their continuous delivery pipelines. Blue Ocean reimagines the Jenkins user experience, enabling software delivery teams with members of all skill levels to more easily adopt continuous delivery. Once again, CloudBees supported this project by providing an entire team of developers working on the project full-time.

The previous releases of Jenkins 2 and Jenkins Pipeline in 2016, followed by Declarative Pipeline and Blue Ocean in 2017, has triggered a surge in the adoption of Jenkins Pipeline. As of June 30, 2017, the community had defined 1,018,605 Jenkins Pipeline jobs - more than 13x as many pipeline jobs as existed at June 30, 2016. The combination of Declarative Pipeline and Blue Ocean is lowering the barriers to entry for continuous delivery and, as a result, Jenkins users are shattering previous numbers of jobs created with Jenkins Pipeline.

Inaugural Jenkins World Awards
The Jenkins World 2017 Award Program recognizes the achievements of continuous delivery innovators and Jenkins contributors around the globe. Individual Jenkins community contributors are celebrated via the Jenkins Community Awards and enterprise companies who have transformed to a DevOps culture and can quantify significant value to their organizations are honored via the CloudBees Innovation Awards. Winners will be announced today at Jenkins World 2017.

“The uptake in Jenkins usage continues to set record numbers, and Jenkins innovation is accelerating dramatically,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins founder and CTO at CloudBees. “In 2017, we saw Declarative Pipeline and Blue Ocean introduced and they have quickly been adopted by the community— gaining tremendous traction and realizing immediate acceptance.”

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About Jenkins and the Jenkins Community
Jenkins is the leading open source automation server supported by a large and growing community of developers, testers, designers and other people interested in continuous integration, continuous delivery and other modern software delivery practices. Built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it provides more than 1,300 plugins that extend Jenkins to automate with practically any technology software delivery teams use.

The Jenkins community advocates the use of Jenkins to the global development community, serving as a central source for tutorials, forums and other helpful resources for Jenkins users of all experience-levels. By recognizing the numerous contributors to the Jenkins project, the Jenkins project creates and fosters a community-powered infrastructure for maintaining and further developing Jenkins. You can follow the Jenkins community on Twitter (@JenkinsCI ).

About CloudBees
CloudBees is the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, providing companies with smarter solutions for automating software development and delivery. CloudBees starts with Jenkins, the most trusted and widely-adopted continuous delivery platform, and adds enterprise-grade security, scalability, manageability and expert-level support. By making the software delivery process more productive, manageable and hassle-free, CloudBees puts companies on the fastest path to transforming great ideas into great software and returning value to the business more quickly.

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