CloudBees Introduces A New User Experience for Teams Using Jenkins to Accelerate Continuous Delivery

New CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise release emphasizes team management and pipeline adoption to help make teams across the organization more productive, quickly

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – JENKINS WORLD – AUGUST 30, 2017 – CloudBees, Inc. , the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, today announced a new version of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. This release introduces an entirely new, intuitive user experience that transforms the way teams collaborate to solve business problems. Designed for agile teams, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise enhances the ability to build software in a repeatable, standardized manner, while giving teams the flexibility to choose the right tools for each project. The new user experience enables agile enterprises to expand their DevOps initiatives by providing an intuitive interface that helps teams become productive immediately.

Team-centric view in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

As DevOps needs rapidly evolve, enterprises require confidence that they are equipping their teams with the most feature-rich, reliable and secure Jenkins-based continuous delivery platform possible. With the new version of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, enterprises can onboard new projects and new teams quickly, via pre-configured security and built-in integrations to code repositories. This fast set-up enables organizations to accelerate their DevOps journey. Jenkins is widely considered the most popular automation server in use today. There were more than 150,000 active installations1 of Jenkins as of July 31, 2017.

The updated CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise equips development teams with more integrations than ever before. It offers integrations to more than 1,400 DevOps tools and technologies, providing a way for enterprises to standardize and share best practices which, in turn, drives consistency and aligns teams around common goals across the organization. With the new version, companies can break down silos and streamline their development practices.

Teams using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise can rapidly increase the speed of software delivery by:

  • Easily collaborating on software delivery projects

  • Onboarding new teams and starting projects within minutes

  • Creating a standard software delivery pipeline using DevOps best practices

  • Eliminating setup and administration complexity that take focus away from software delivery

These improvements in the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise user experience preserve the flexibility of Jenkins for use by any new team - whether they are building a shared web service, a mobile app or embedded software - while completely deploying the needed infrastructure and software behind-the-scenes with the CloudBees Distributed Pipeline Architecture. This environment is separate and secure, protecting continuity of each team from one another, yet allows a standardized way to deploy and manage organization-wide standards on a scalable, shared infrastructure.

“Continuous delivery is helping organizations turn their digital transformation dreams into reality. It gives them the speed and agility to spin up new application projects that deliver value and support the business needs," said Harpreet Singh, vice president of products, CloudBees. “CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise helps companies quickly onboard teams, align priorities and streamline the software delivery pipeline, while empowering teams with the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the business.”

1 Active installations are instances which permit anonymous usage data collection and have sent information in the preceding 30 days. This does not reflect all Jenkins installations - only those installations that permit the data collection. The active installations statistic is an extremely conservative record of Jenkins usage. The Jenkins project also makes the usage information it captures publicly available.

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