CloudBees Brings Continuous Delivery with Jenkins to Enterprises

Announces the Industry's First Hybrid Continuous Delivery Platform Powered by Jenkins

WOBURN, MA. - May 21, 2014 - CloudBees, Inc. , the enterprise continuous delivery leader, today announced the industry's first continuous delivery (CD) platform for enterprises, powered by Jenkins CI. The platform is available for on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments and provides a wide range of continuous delivery solutions at enterprise-scale. Additionally, CloudBees also announced traceability integration for Jenkins with IT automation platforms from Chef Software and Puppet Labs.

As the tide of continuous delivery adoption grows dramatically, Jenkins is being selected as the automation platform of choice by enterprises. There are more than 80,000 active installations of Jenkins around the globe. Jenkins CI enables enterprises to evolve from simple automation of tasks to continuous integration (CI) to, ultimately, continuous delivery at their own pace. Another key benefit of Jenkins for continuous delivery is the 800+ plugins that allow Jenkins to be tailored to the needs of the enterprise and integrate with the myriad of software lifecycle tools and technologies that may be in use.

"Businesses are under increasing pressure to create new value for their customers and partners, and an increasing proportion of business innovation is being delivered through software," said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees. "They need reliable processes to succeed, but traditional approaches to software development and delivery are riddled with inefficiencies that delay projects, drive up costs and hamper innovation. Using the CloudBees continuous delivery platform, powered by Jenkins, enterprises can eliminate friction in their development processes, creating a consistent and controlled environment that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace."

The CloudBees continuous delivery platform is the industry's first CD platform available on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments, providing configurations to meet multiple project needs. It bridges the worlds of developers, operations and business. Leveraging hybrid capabilities available from CloudBees, enterprises can gain transparent use of Jenkins on-premise and in the cloud, removing barriers to cloud adoption.

"Moving to the CloudBees continuous delivery platform turned out to be a game changer for us," said Mario Cruz, CTO and co-founder, Choose Digital, which developed and deployed its private label digital marketplace with CloudBees solutions. "We use CloudBees to manage our continuous delivery processes, enabling every team member to deliver incremental functionality while being accountable for his or her code. As a result, our software delivery efforts are aligned to the goals of the company and the continuous delivery process keeps us lean, focused and fast to market."

"Releasing software many times a day may sound like science fiction, but it's reality for a growing number of firms. Dramatically reduced cycle time will become the new normal, enabling more direct engagement with customers to deliver high-value experiences," wrote Kurt Bittner, principal analyst with Forrester Research. "Firms that can't deliver applications rapidly will find themselves left behind."1

On-premise and cloud components available from CloudBees include:


  • Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides the full features of Jenkins CI along with Jenkins commercial support and enterprise-class plugins for environments where high availability and enterprise-system integration is a prime concern

  • Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees enables enterprises to manage large-scale distributed Jenkins environments

In the Cloud

  • CloudBees DEV@cloud , the first Platform as a Service (PaaS) to truly enable continuous delivery, offers the full set of Jenkins CI features including all OSS plugins and Jenkins Enterprise plugins


  • Elastic Cloud Pools extend Jenkins on-premise with CloudBees DEV@cloud allowing enterprises to burst Jenkins workloads into the cloud

  • On-premise Executors connect on-premise Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees executors (slaves) to a Jenkins master in the cloud

  • VPN to Jenkins enables DEV@cloud to securely connect to on-premise resources such as databases and source code repositories

  • On-premise and cloud unified pricing allows enterprises to adopt Jenkins for continuous delivery in any configuration that best fits their needs

In other news:

CloudBees Extends Jenkins Traceability Through to Production with Chef Software and Puppet Labs
Today CloudBees is announcing integration with Chef Software and Puppet Labs to enhance Jenkins traceability. Both companies are well-known for their popular open source configuration management tools. The enhancement gives DevOps and operations personnel the ability to, for the first time, use Jenkins to trace application code changes, from development and deployment through to production.

Viridity Energy Uses CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform to Develop Adaptive Energy Management Application
Today CloudBees also announced that Viridity Energy, a leading energy optimization software and technology company, used the CloudBees' PaaS technology to develop and deploy its flagship VPower™ software application. Leveraging CloudBees' Continuous Delivery platform in the cloud, Viridity Energy cut software development costs by 66 percent, shaved months off its development timetable and shortened deployment times by more than 85 percent.

See news release:

Additional Resources

1 Forrester Research, "Continuous Delivery Is Reshaping The Future Of ALM," 22 July, 2013

About Jenkins CI and Jenkins Community
Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) server is an open source project developed for and by the Jenkins CI community. Jenkins CI is used by enterprises around the world and is the leading open source CI server. Built with Java, it provides more than 800 plugins to support the use of technologies to build, test and deploy virtually any project.

By recognizing and encouraging the numerous contributors involved in the Jenkins CI project, the Jenkins organization creates and fosters a community-powered infrastructure for maintaining and further developing Jenkins CI. Visit to find the latest news, tutorials, forums and other helpful resources for Jenkins CI users of all skill levels. You can also follow the Jenkins community on Twitter (@JenkinsCI).

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CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small startups that need to quickly create new on-line businesses, to large IT organizations that need to rapidly respond to dynamic market opportunities. Follow CloudBees on Twitter ** (@CloudBees), on Facebook . You can also try CloudBees for free .** Backed by Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Verizon Ventures, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite team of middleware and open source technology professionals.

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