CloudBees Announces New Technical Alliance Partner Program

Program includes leading DevOps ISVs to help customers maximize value from CloudBees software combined with expert services from TAPP partners

CloudBees logoSAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – October 10, 2019 – CloudBees , the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, today launched a new partner program that expands ISV partners’ ability to align with CloudBees offerings and the global Jenkins community. The Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) will energize CloudBees’ partner ecosystem with new programs and tighter connections, helping ISVs create new revenue streams and further develop their DevOps businesses.

TAPP includes 27 launch partners and introduces three new go-to-market tiers to better address growth opportunities in the evolving DevOps market. Members of these new tiers – Registered, Advanced and Premier – can take advantage of joint go-to-market activities with CloudBees, engage with CloudBees’ expert services and access extended sales and marketing resources to create assets for growing their DevOps businesses.

“At CloudBees, we strongly believe that best-of-breed is the ultimate model for our customers,” said Francois Dechery, co-founder and chief strategy officer at CloudBees. “It’s about choice, depth and fast innovation. That’s why we see the CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) as a strategic initiative to bring the best of the DevOps ecosystem to our customers.”

The TAPP program creates value for CloudBees customers by increasing the scope and breadth of tools and services available to serve their DevOps needs. By building deeper technical integrations with CloudBees, partners extend the ecosystem’s ability to offer scalable, secure and purpose-built solutions addressing challenges across DevOps pipelines.

The TAPP program includes the following launch partners:

The Premier Partner tier targets a deep engagement with partners who not only have integrations with CloudBees today, but who also satisfy unique use cases that drive co-marketing activities and opportunities to team with CloudBees’ sales.

TAPP Premier launch partners:
DELL Boomi , Diamanti , Checkmarx , CyberArk , IKAN ALM , Sauce Labs , Snyk , Sonatype , Synopsys , WhiteSource , Xpand-IT , Zimperium

"Increasingly, Boomi customers want to align the integration services we offer, with their enterprise DevOps best practices and technologies. Joining CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) as a PREMIER partner will assist us in achieving our goal of supporting end-to-end DevOps practices. With CloudBees- and Jenkins-based CI/CD orchestrating the lifecycle of Boomi ‘code,’ our customers will be able to continuously deploy the right capabilities at the right time efficiently across all teams, tools and technologies.”
-- Steve Wood, chief product officer, Dell Boomi

The Advanced Partner tier is geared towards partners who have integrations with CloudBees’ products. Inclusion in the Advanced Partner tier also enables marketing alignment with CloudBees.

TAPP Advanced launch partners: , , Datical , DeployHub , FOSSA , Instana , Neocortix , NetFoundry , SUSE

"Instana is excited to join TAPP as an ADVANCED partner, promoting our integration with CloudBees to help DevOps teams accelerate releases. They are able to identify and fix regressions faster by visualizing the release, correlating service quality against a release, then automatically detailing probable root cause of any issues across the whole application stack."
-- Pete Abrams, co-founder, Instana

The Registered Partner tier is a self-service relationship dedicated to bringing innovative technologies together, while also offering brand extension with CloudBees.

TAPP Registered launch partners:
Anchore , CloudBolt Software , Dynatrace , Muse , realMethods , SWEAGLE

“Sweagle is excited to be one of the REGISTERED partners for the launch of the Technology Alliance Partner Program. We have deep experience in the DevOps market, most recently developing functionality to enable CloudBees and Jenkins users to gain a greater level of scrutiny and quality gates for their configuration data."
-- Ritu Mahandru, chief revenue officer, SWEAGLE

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