CloudBees Announces CloudBees CI/CD Powered by Jenkins X, a SaaS Solution Built on Google Cloud Platform

Hosted continuous integration and continuous delivery service extends value of automated, open source Jenkins X project, removes friction from cloud native software delivery

cloudbees-logo-282-x-100DEVOPS WORLD LISBON AND SAN JOSE, CA. – December 4, 2019 – CloudBees , the enterprise DevOps leader, today announced a Preview Program for CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X, a Software as a Service (SaaS) continuous integration and continuous delivery solution running on Google Cloud Platform. The new offering continues to build on CloudBees’ partnership with Google Cloud. The two industry leaders are dedicated to creating solutions that accelerate application development and strategically enable businesses with transformational technologies.

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) rely on tools largely built before new technologies like Kubernetes changed the game for cloud native app development. Utilization of new cloud native technologies present a significant learning curve for developers, and continuing to use traditional CI/CD offerings for cloud native app development is ineffective. Jenkins X, an open source project that is part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation , offers developers an automated continuous delivery solution to take full advantage of Kubernetes and the cloud native ecosystem without having to learn the intricacies of an entirely new toolchain.

“At Dailymotion, we went through a pretty serious digital transformation that impacted the way we manage our CI/CD. Our ad-tech platform moved to Google Cloud, we began using Kubernetes to deploy our applications and we adopted Jenkins X,” said Vincent Behar, software architect, Daily Motion. “With these new, cloud native technologies in our toolkit, we are now able to adopt a GitOps practice. Jenkins X is built for GitOps and we have a successful record of configuration changes, easy auditability and easy rollback capabilities. We are excited to see CloudBees introduce a SaaS solution that eliminates the burden of Kubernetes administration, while enabling us to take full advantage of the value offered by the cloud.”

CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X extends the value for enterprises by providing a SaaS environment for Jenkins X on Google Cloud. Using the solution, developers enjoy a full cloud native experience for the build-test-deploy lifecycle without having to devote time and resources to managing a cloud implementation. Additionally, CloudBees introduced a user interface (UI) for CloudBees Jenkins X. Now users have a choice to use the CLI or the new graphical environment, depending on which better suits their workflow.

“Our customers are increasingly looking to accelerate their application development lifecycle in modern hybrid environments,” said Pali Bhat, vice president, product and design at Google Cloud. “CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X, is built with robust integrations into Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Therefore, customers will be able to leverage the offering with native Google Cloud service capabilities. We are thrilled to expand our partnership with CloudBees to drive joint customer success.”

Beginning today, users interested in trying CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X can sign up and be added to the waitlist for the preview program. This free program gives early access to users who want to influence and provide feedback on the solution before it is made generally available to the public.

“Developers want to have the flexibility to create great cloud native applications on a rich, robust cloud platform that they can trust,” said Susan Lally, vice president of engineering at CloudBees. “Using CloudBees CI/CD powered by Jenkins X, they get the best of both worlds. We provide a guided workflow to make software development and deployment simple. Building on Google Cloud, using a SaaS platform, removes all the friction and overhead of managing your CI/CD infrastructure, enabling developers to focus on innovation.”

CloudBees and Google Cloud have a deep commitment to open source. CloudBees is the leading corporate sponsor of the Jenkins and Jenkins X projects, and Google Cloud is a key leader for projects like Kubernetes and Tekton. In addition, CloudBees and Google Cloud were founding members of theContinuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), an open source foundation that fosters vendor-neutral collaboration between the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors to further CI/CD best practices and industry specifications. The two companies are using transformational, open source technologies such as Jenkins , Jenkins X , Kubernetes and Tekton to create a unified, end-to-end software delivery system. In fact, Tekton pipelines are fully supported within Jenkins X.

CloudBees also offers CloudBees Jenkins Distribution , CloudBees Core , CloudBees Jenkins Support and CloudBees Accelerator on GCP Marketplace.

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