TOPdesk Reduces Deployment Time from Days to Minutes with CloudBees Flow

Featured presentation at DevOps World Lisbon highlights TOPdesk’s path to optimal software delivery management

cloudbees-logo-282-x-100DEVOPS WORLD | JENKINS WORLD LISBON AND LONDON, UK – 4 December 2019 - Today at DevOps World Lisbon, TOPdesk , a leading global provider of innovative enterprise service management solutions, will share its approach to accelerating software delivery from days to minutes.

Jeroen Boks, CIO at TOPdesk, will present at DevOps World Lisbon about TOPdesk’s journey to accelerating software delivery and adding business value for TOPdesk customers. Boks’ presentation is entitled “From Silos of ESM + DevOps to Software Delivery Management ," and his session is Wednesday, December 4, from 14:45 - 15:30 in Auditorium VI.

Agile and DevOps practices can often cause a mismatch between the software delivery lifecycle, IT service management and ITIL practices, causing organisations to experience friction in IT and customer service teams. At TOPdesk, features were either being developed so fast that the service desk couldn’t keep up, or too slowly and deemed as too little, too late by customers.

TOPdesk turned to CloudBees for an application release orchestration (ARO) solution that allowed its IT teams to implement fast and adapt easily, with insight and control of all types of releases, at scale. Using CloudBees Flow, TOPdesk closed the feedback loop from deployment to the customer experience and back again by actively engaging its service desk in the process. Implementing CloudBees Flow at TOPdesk has helped to eliminate release anxiety, streamline its service desk and improve the customer experience by actively using customer feedback to influence the development priorities.

“A key pillar of our business is to ensure that we are not operating in silos. As a team, we must identify any gaps in our deployment and customer support process in order to improve the experience for our customer services team and our customers,” said Jeroen Boks, CIO at TOPdesk. “With CloudBees Flow, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the deployment times from days to minutes and gain valuable insights about which of our services are more successful than others.”

CloudBees Flow has also enabled a 200 percent increase in the number of deployments and a 50 percent reduction in the time required for deployments. These improvements have increased collaboration between the customer service and development teams and created a more engaging customer experience.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a fast-moving business that shares our goal of always putting customers first,” says CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey. “It can be easy to think that DevOp is just about speed, but it is also about confidence and the peace of mind that processes and builds are following the best path. To do that, companies need to balance speed with quality and business value; that’s how CloudBees is most helpful. It’s not only about the technology, but also about how technology is implemented to drive customer value.”

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