CloudBees Announces the First Jenkins-Based Continuous Delivery as a Service for AWS and OpenStack Private Clouds

New cloud-native offering allows enterprises to accelerate application delivery by deploying shared Jenkins services to distributed teams


SAN JOSE, CA. – February 23, 2016 – CloudBees, Inc. , the enterprise Jenkins company and continuous delivery (CD) leader, today announced the release of its new CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition, a turnkey, elastic CD as a Service solution for enterprise organizations. Using the Private SaaS Edition, many of the challenges associated with quickly spinning up technology to support DevOps initiatives and adopting CD practices are removed, helping teams to deliver better software more quickly.

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition provides cloud-native capabilities including Docker deployment and Mesos large-scale cluster management that enable enterprises to run and manage Jenkins across the enterprise on their own private cloud or using dedicated AWS resources. Enterprises can quickly provision, deploy and manage Jenkins-powered CD as a Service for all their software delivery teams. Built using the experience and technology of CloudBees – operator of the world’s largest Jenkins deployment – the new edition is the first commercially available Jenkins-based CD as a Service solution.

“More than ever before, organizations need to accelerate software delivery to meet business demands and stay ahead of the competition. They are moving to continuous delivery practices to build, test and deploy high quality software more quickly,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder, CloudBees. “What they don’t want is to be slowed down waiting for new projects to be spun up. To procure, install, provision and configure hardware can sometimes take days or even weeks. The CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition eliminates all of that burden for teams, spinning up new projects in minutes. At the same time, it provides the elasticity and scalability advantages inherent in a cloud-based offering. This ready access to resources, as needed, enables organizations to accelerate software pipelines and get new features to market faster.”

Benefits of the Private SaaS Edition include the following:

  • Cloud-native deployment on Amazon AWS and OpenStack: Gain elasticity for scaling resources up and down, as needed, for Jenkins-based software pipelines.

  • Built with Docker and Mesos: Private SaaS Edition uses Docker containers to deploy Jenkins at any scale and Mesos to add fault tolerance and resilience.

  • Instant start-up of new projects: Provision CloudBees Jenkins Platform environments immediately, fully on-demand. This allows teams to get started on new projects immediately, with a fully-provisioned enterprise Jenkins environment.

  • Automatic failover: Spin up new Jenkins resources automatically in the event of an unexpected failure, reducing downtime and automatically detecting and recovering from fault situations without operator intervention. Additionally, configure automated storage backups via NFS/EBS to allow for seamless failover of masters.

  • Increased Jenkins utilization: Create high-density, multi-tenant Jenkins environments to share across departments and geographies. Shared services teams have one platform to manage but are able to provide versatile usage models for teams.

  • Share resources across Jenkins deployments: Get self-service access to Jenkins for all project teams within the enterprise. Share compute and Jenkins resources, including templates for fast replication, folders and credentials across clusters to eliminate delays and redundant work in deploying new Jenkins services.

  • Built-in analytics: Gain global visibility into how teams and the Jenkins infrastructure are performing across the enterprise. Private SaaS Edition analytics provide key insights into your existing cluster of Jenkins master(s).

“The primary driver for both cloud computing and DevOps is agility,” said Dennis Smith, research director, and David Paul Williams, research VP, Gartner. “DevOps is about life cycle speed (rapid testing and release) and cloud computing is about elastic scaling (appearing to have infinite infrastructure and quickly provisioning and deprovisioning infrastructure resources), both of which are capabilities provided by a successful IaaS/PaaS deployment. Thus, IaaS/PaaS is a perfect partner for the DevOps project.” 1

1 Gartner, Set the Stage for Successful DevOps With Combined IaaS and PaaS for Continuous Delivery, Dennis Smith, David Paul Williams, 02 October 2015.

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