Jenkins Community and Sponsors Announce Exciting Updates at Jenkins World Event

Jenkins World is a hub of new updates and announcements from conference sponsors across a variety of technologies and industries

Jenkins vs Hudson - CloudBeesJENKINS WORLD – SANTA CLARA, CA. – September 14, 2016 - The Jenkins project , comprised of a community of practitioners using open source Jenkins, is hosting its annual Jenkins World event this week in Santa Clara, CA. In addition to featuring a world-class line up of DevOps experts and speakers, and announcements from the Jenkins community, there have been multiple announcements from the sponsors supporting Jenkins World.

News from the Jenkins Project

Blue Ocean is the powerful new Jenkins user experience that was built on the momentum of Jenkins 2. With Blue Ocean, the UX is being built from the ground up to take full advantage of the power Jenkins is known for, while providing the ease of use which supports modern continuous delivery. Blue Ocean is an extensible framework that can be used by anyone to make the powerful features of Jenkins simple to use. Features available in the beta include: sophisticated visualizations, a pipeline editor, personalization, pinpoint precision and native integration.

News from Sponsors

BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, has released new technology which enables users to execute Selenium scripts as load tests. This innovative functionality is made possible by using BlazeMeter in conjunction with Taurus, its new open source performance testing automation framework. It automates the execution of Selenium tests and seamlessly switches to the BlazeMeter cloud to run tests at a massive scale. All of the tests can also be added as a software pipeline step using Jenkins Pipeline.

CloudBees is announcing DevOps Express, a new initiative from 14 DevOps technology leaders to streamline the way enterprises transform their software development and delivery environments to DevOps. The 14 members of DevOps Express include vendors spanning multiple solution categories in the software delivery process, as well as services organizations providing consulting, training and professional services. DevOps Express is the first of its kind alliance of DevOps industry leaders and includes founding members CloudBees and Sonatype, joined by Atlassian, BlazeMeter, CA Technologies, Chef, DevOps Institute, GitHub, Infostretch, JFrog, Puppet, Sauce Labs, SOASTA and SonarSource.

CloudBees announces CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a Jenkins distribution aimed directly at enterprises. This distribution ensures the highest levels of testing and verification, providing smooth upgrades and the most reliable and stable Jenkins foundation for software development and DevOps teams. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides a stable and certified distribution of Jenkins, along with curated extensions from the community and third parties; all of which are now certified as part of the distribution.

CloudBees announces new versions of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, based on Jenkins 2 and utilizing the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise distribution as its foundation. It is fully verified and hardened with the new CloudBees Assurance Program. With this release, enterprise DevOps teams are now empowered with operational dashboards, intelligent upgrade utilities and access to critical information needed to succeed with Jenkins at scale.

MacStadium is announcing that Jenkins users can nowdevelop, test and build iOS apps on Mac® Private Clouds powered by VMware vCenter and all-flash PureStorage SAN at MacStadium. Locations on both US coasts and in Europe allow iOS developers around the globe to take advantage of high-performing iOS build infrastructure not available anywhere else and scale effortlessly with advanced data center technology and experienced staff.

OpenMake Software is now a CloudBees Platinum Partner. The Platinum partnership will allow CloudBees customers to more easily access the tools and professional services of OpenMake Software to strengthen the foundation of continuous delivery automation. OpenMake Software offers product and services that can help you drive your continuous delivery into testing and production environments by improving automation in software compiles, software packaging and agentless deployments.

Panzura® , the leading provider of hybrid cloud storage for the enterprise, announced a new offering targeted for the Jenkins Community to accelerate global build distributions . The new offering leverages Panzura’s patented hybrid cloud storage software to enable developers and DevOps teams to bring rapid innovations to market faster by streamlining product and project development workflows.

Sonatype, the leader in software supply chain automation, today announced their participation in

DevOps Express , a one-of-a-kind industry initiative that simplifies access to a set of integrated, battle-tested DevOps solutions that accelerate any organization’s time-to-value. As a foundational member of DevOps Express, Sonatype collaborated with CloudBees to design an approach that makes it easier for enterprises to acquire, design, integrate and support DevOps-native tools.

Undo , the leading commercial supplier of next-generation debugging solutions for Linux and Android developers, announced the release of the free Undo Live Recorder plugin for Jenkins. The plugin optimizes recording technology to enable more efficient software testing during the CI process. This is Undo’s first plugin for the Jenkins community.

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