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With a hive that spans the globe, the CloudBees team includes some of the very brightest and most talented in their field.

Inclusive. Flexible. Innovative.

We are a globally distributed team of passionate Bees with a vision to transform software delivery and help our customers along their journey to DevOps transformation. Being inclusive and working together is at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Culture

We are a global, remote team. We have a powerful culture of togetherness and collaboration. At the Hive, we offer a casual work environment where all are encouraged to come as you are and be your authentic self.


Employees in 20 countries


2,595 Slack channels


22 languages spoken

Meet the Bees

The CloudBees Hive is a special place. Meet some of our bees who play a significant role in helping our customers deliver business value, compete and stay relevant in the “everything digital” world.

Meet the Bees

Claire Thomas | Senior Account Executive

Over the years, Claire Thomas has had her share of lucky breaks. But even better, she’s never failed to make the most out of them. "I’ve gotten very lucky having people take chances on me. But with every chance I’m given, I know I still need to work my butt off,” she says.

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Sunil Mavadia | Director, Enterprise Technical Architecture 

When Sunil Mavadia came to us in 2019 after the company he was working for – Electric Cloud – was acquired by CloudBees, he had no trouble embracing his new home. "Even though my company got acquired, I couldn’t be happier working at CloudBees,” Sunil says.

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Stephanie Pai | Director of Finance

Originally from California – the home of Silicon Valley – Stephanie Pai says that working in the tech industry is in her blood. Although she didn’t pursue an engineering career, she’s found a home on the finance side of tech, where she once worked for a company that audited CloudBees’ financial books. 

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Nic Harvey | Senior Director of Channels and Alliances

For Nicola "Nic” Harvey, CloudBees senior director of channels and alliances for EMEA and APAC, the customer doesn’t just come first, "the customer is the hero,” she says. As you can imagine, Nic and her team are laser-focused on fostering relationships with customers, a process that requires building a lot of trust.

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Mike Youssef | Senior Enterprise Account Executive

There are a few common expectations most people have on their first day of work. For some, it means shaking the hands of their new coworkers, or having their boss take them out to lunch. Not for Mike Youssef, senior enterprise account executive at CloudBees.

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Ryan Smith | Support Delivery Manager

Ryan Smith doesn’t fight fires, but to keep his customers happy, he does put out the occasional flame. As a support delivery manager, Ryan handles escalated customer issues and manages the lines of communication between product, engineering, support, and customer success teams.

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Hope Lynch | Sr. Director, Platform

As the vaccine rollout continues and restrictions are lifting, more people are returning to their pre-pandemic work norms, complete with nine-to-five office schedules and arduous commutes. But that’s not the case for Hope Lynch, senior director, platform at CloudBees. Her work life has never fit the norm. And she likes it that way.

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Jude Wellington | Marketing Events Manager

Music and business don’t always mix – unless you happen to be at a tech-industry marketing event. That’s where you’re likely to see Jude Wellington, CloudBees’ marketing events manager, plying his trade. Curating music for these events is one his favorite jobs, Jude says, but it requires a ton of planning and a lot of smart judgement calls.

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Kiley Nichols | Senior Demand Generation Manager

As a lifelong learner, Kiley Nichols is always looking for problems to solve. In her role as senior demand generation manager, Kiley tests things in a new and exciting way – a perfect fit for her driven personality. "I’m always reading and wanting to figure out new things,” she says.

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Jeanne Talbot | Senior Director of Corporate Communications

Jeanne sent her team a playful meme this week: "Be brave enough to suck at something new today.” For Jeanne, that would apply to her own struggle trying to master spreadsheets. "Spreadsheets are not my thing,” Jeanne says. "I have to work so hard at those things. But there’s other people whose brains are just wired that way. So, I surround myself with those people.”

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