The first major release after 10 years and 655 weekly releases, Jenkins 2 addresses the demands of teams challenged with matching the pace of continuous software delivery while ensuring quality and providing visibility across the full software delivery process.

With over 133,000 installations and more than 1+ million users, Jenkins® is the most widely adopted automation engine with the most extensive plugin ecosystem for orchestrating continuous delivery pipelines.

Deliver Faster

  •  Pipeline: Quickly create simple to complex CD pipelines with Pipeline as Code
  •  Stage View: Visualize the application delivery value stream in real-time
  •  Multi-branch: Zero-configuration of CD for new branches and pull requests

Connect All of Your Continuous Delivery Tools

  • Plugin Ecosystem: Fast access to 1,000+ plugins to enable integration to your CD tools of choice
  • Orchestration with Jenkins Pipeline: Improved integration for pipeline automation
  • Enables Modern CD: Docker, GitHub and cloud-native support for pipelines

Adopt and Use with Ease

  • Quick Start: Secure, solution-oriented out-of-the box experience for new installations
  • Improved UI: UI provides for more efficient purpose-fit interaction with Jenkins
  • Easy Upgrade: Compatible with existing plugins to enable fast, safe upgrade process