CloudBees Product Feedback Policy

Product Feedback at CloudBees

At CloudBees, we are constantly listening to and learning from our customers, our team members and the broader market, so feedback about our products is extremely important to us. We believe strongly that taking this feedback on board will inevitably lead to us building better products and experiences.

We use your feedback to help us identify the most important problems and pain points that you face, and the opportunities for us to address those problems with new and enhanced product features so that you can get more value from our products as efficiently as possible.

Why giving us your product feedback is important

We want you to have a seat at the table in our conversations about how our products evolve and develop over time. By taking the time to submit your product feedback to us, it allows us to build direct relationships with you to discuss your feedback, and to keep you in the loop about any related changes we make to our products.

Our commitment to you is that your feedback and ideas will be valued and listened to, rather than filed away and ignored.

We ultimately want to work with you to build the best products we possibly can.

How to give us your product feedback

Submitting your feedback has never been simpler. All you need to do is go to, login with your account, and click the "Product Feedback" link on the page. 

When you access the product feedback portal, you'll be taken to your personalized dashboard where you can submit requests, browse other people's requests, and prioritize them. You can also view what product work we have coming up.

What happens to your product feedback

Initial triage

We triage all new feedback continuously (at least weekly) to ensure it's not already an existing feature or something that we can help you with immediately. The product team reads every single request that is submitted, even if they aren’t commented on right away. Any new requests are then set to the "Awaiting Feedback" status so that more people can vote, prioritize and provide additional relevant information. This allows us to gauge demand, talk with you and others to gather more information about your use cases and the problems and pains that you’re facing.

Note that your newly submitted feedback won't be visible in the system until it has been triaged.

Detailed Reviews and Discussion

Quarterly, our product teams get together in a feedback review and planning meeting. They discuss the highest priorities for our customers, prospects, and team members and how the requests align with our product strategy. As the teams review requests they'll update the status of each request so that you immediately know the outcome. 

To make sure that your requests are reviewed in these meetings, make sure they are clearly written (in English), with details about what you’re trying to accomplish, your current workaround (if you have one), what problems you’re having, the impact that the problems have on your work, and any other details that will help us understand why this is an important request to you. The clearer your request is and the more detail you have, the easier it will be for other users to understand the value of your request, making it more likely to be upvoted.

If we decide to solve a problem described in a request, the status will change to "Planned" or "Building". It will be added to our roadmap which you can see as soon as you login under the "What's coming" tab.

Anyone who has submitted or voted on a specific request will be notified when the status of the request is updated. We will always provide an explanation as to the nature of the status update.

Note: Our feedback portal always has the most up-to-date information about our products and what we're building next. If you reach out directly to our support or customer success teams, they'll be able to look up the ideas for you, but they won't have any additional information or be able to provide an estimate for when your item will be reviewed.

Statuses of your requests

The status of each request will change over time. The following explains what each status means.

Awaiting Feedback: This status applies while we are gauging demand and gathering additional feedback on the request and underlying use-cases and problems

Planned: This status means that the problem described in the request is on our roadmap but we haven’t started building a related solution yet

Building: This status means that we’re now actively developing a solution related to the problem described in the request

Released: This status means that we’ve released a solution that addresses the problem described in the request

Declined: This status means that the request was not clear, already exists, or is not aligned with our product goals and/or strategy.



How long will it be before the CloudBees product team reviews and discusses my request?

Feedback is triaged on a weekly basis at the latest - most often requests are triaged continuously within a few days of being submitted. If a request doesn’t align with our strategy, or is a duplicate of an existing request then it will be declined and an explanatory comment will be added to the request.

Our feedback review and planning meetings occur quarterly. These meetings are where most planning decisions are made, though the continuous nature of how we work means that we may adapt our plans at any time.

We ask that you please make sure that your requests are clear and concise so that others can vote on them & prioritize. Also be sure to prioritize your own requests too so that we know what is most important to you. 

My request hasn't yet moved out of the Awaiting Feedback state and I submitted it 6+ months ago. What can I do?

We won’t plan to build solutions to problems for every request that we receive. If we haven't reviewed your request yet to determine whether it is something we plan to build or not, and it is a high priority for you, then please

  • Make sure it's at the top of your priority list

  • Make sure your request is clear. Why do you need this? What is it stopping you from doing? What is the impact of that?

Please add any relevant details in a comment on your idea.