Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Delivery with CloudBees

CloudBees Continuous Integration provides software developers with an automated toolchain to build and test new software features while ensuring that company security and compliance standards are met. 

Continuous integration of changes from different developers in the team and automated testing ensures that the codebase remains dependable. Once the software has been tested, it is ready to be pushed to the production environment. 

With CloudBees Continuous Delivery, organizations can not only ensure continuous delivery of their software, but can also enable continuous deployment by predictably pushing any application to any production environment at any scale. This means end users always have the latest and greatest features that have been created by developers. 

Continuous Delivery is the practice of ensuring your codebase is ready to deploy safely at any point in time. Deployments include all changes associated with new features, bug fixes and features in the early stages of development which can be enabled using feature flags for target users to test in their production environments.

Allianz Customer Story

Allianz brings state of the art insurance and service offerings to customers faster with CI/CD and CloudBees


Respond to changes in the insurance market faster by shortening software delivery schedules


Standardise on CI and CD with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to minimise project startup times, automate development and testing tasks and complete large, complex projects faster


  • Project startup times cut from days to minutes

  • Reliable development and build environment established

  • Staffing flexibility and scalability improved

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